These Christmas Lights Choreographed to Dan Andrews’ ‘Get on the Beers’ Are a Gift

These Christmas Lights Choreographed to Dan Andrews’ ‘Get on the Beers’ Are a Gift
Image: Christmas Light Search/Youtube

Victorian’s had to endure an incredibly tough lockdown in 2020. But one good thing did come out of it. I’m talking, of course, about Dan Andrew’s ‘Get on the Beers’ press conference.

The ‘Get on the Beers’ meme has been through a few renditions in the past months – particularly after DJ Mashd N Kutcher got a hold of it and turned it into a remix that absolutely slaps. You can find people dancing to it at music festivals or new remixes of basically anything alcohol-related that Dan Andrews has ever said.

And now, you can find it in Christmas lights. Happy Holidays!

A legend in Melbourne has clearly had an absolute time choreographing their Christmas lights to the Get On The Beers remix.

The show is spectacular in every way with lights spelling out each word of Dan’s speech. It even includes a light-up beer emoji! I’m sorry but this house has won Christmas this year.

Where can you see these Christmas lights?

The light display can be found on the Christmas Light Search website and those in Victoria can actually go and visit this icon in Kings Park. Unfortunately,  given the huge popularity of this attraction, many of the shows have been cancelled due to the expectation of large crowds.

If you do make it to the house, make sure to follow social distancing rules at all times. After all, we don’t want this to be the cause of a whole new lockdown. And if you can’t make it, never fear, this video will be here to remind us forever.

What’s even better? There is actually a second house in Sandringham showing Christmas lights to the Get on the Beers tune.

This is the Christmas gift that Australia deserves.

Christmas lights have been a great way to celebrate during these bleak times. But it’s really great to see locals getting into the festive spirit and reminding us all that we too deserve to get on the beers.