The Best Christmas Gifts For Music Lovers

The Best Christmas Gifts For Music Lovers
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Music is one of those things that everyone can enjoy. Whether it’s heavy metal, classical or the latest hits, there’s something for everyone when it comes to music. But thinking of music-themed gifts can be a challenge, particularly if you don’t know your giftee’s taste. Here are some of our top picks gifts for music fans this Christmas.

Bose Frames

bose frames sunglasses
Image: Bose

It may seem ridiculous at first, but what could be cooler than having sunglasses that double as speakers? Bose’s Audio Frames are good for both the eyes and the ears. They offer tinted lenses to block out those UV rays plus rich immersive sound that you can hear but those around you don’t. You can even take calls on them. Pretty wild technology when you think about it.


Hamilton Soundtrack

hamilton logo

If you haven’t heard, the smash-hit Broadway musical Hamilton is hitting Australia next year. If you’ve got tickets, congratulations! This is a great way for yourself or your companions to learn all the lyrics so you can sing along at the show. If you missed out on tickets, never fear! Grab the Hamilton soundtrack and see what all the fuss is about. Or gift a Disney+ subscription and check out the official recording of the whole show.

CD – $30

Vinyl Coasters

vinyl coasters
Image: Amazon

For cute music household items, coasters always do the trick. Plus these vinyl-themed ones are suitably retro and practical. We love a stylish gift that also has a use. Senhai have a pack of 6 that work for both hot and cold drinks and won’t slide around your table. Plus they have some sweet designs.


Wireless Transmitter for Musical Instruments

guitar wireless transmitters 2 pieces
Image: Amazon

If you’ve got a music player in the house, whether it be guitar, bass or other electric instruments, a wireless transmitter is a neat gift. The Xvive U2 Wireless Digital Transmitter is great for those who play music but hate cables. The two small transmitters plug into your amp and your instrument and then wirelessly beam the sound between them. They’re rechargeable and have basically zero lag. Game changer.


Sony WH-1000XM4 Headphones

Image: Sony

Sony’s next level wireless noise-cancelling earphones are unparalleled. At Gizmodo, we’ve had a chance to try them out and highly recommend. If you want headphones that are comfortable, portable and truly noise-cancelling, these are the buddies to go for. They also offer 360 sound for truly immersive tunes. The price tag can be hefty but is well worth it.


Music Jigsaw Puzzles

Image: JB Hi-Fi

Jigsaw puzzles are all the rage thanks to lockdown, so why not pick up some cool music imagery for the music fans in your life? You can piece together great album covers for bands like Nirvana, AC/DC, Queen and Pink Floyd. A great stocking stuffer for the musically inclined.

Starting at $19.98.

Vinyl Care Kit

Image: Amazon

Vinyl is very much back in and whether you’re digging out the old vinyl in the garage or purchasing a new track, you’ll want to keep those guys clean. As any vinyl owner knows, the smallest scratch or speck of dust can mess with your sound. This kit from Big Fudge comes with record cleaning solution, a soft velvet brush and some tools, plus a little bag to keep them all in. A vinyl care kit is a great gift for turntable owners, particularly if you can’t decide which album to give them. Give a gift that will service all of their albums!


Give a Music Subscription

While physical media isn’t dead yet, streaming music is still hugely popular. Gifting someone a few months of an audio subscription is a great and easy gift that allows your recipient to enjoy the music they choose. There are heaps of streaming providers to pick from including Apple Music, Amazon Music or Spotify.




Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 Portable Speaker

The only thing better than listening to music with friends is listening to music with friends in the outdoors. The Wonderboom 2 portable speaker will help your musical mate’s wildest dreams come true with killer sound in a handy little package. With this gift, you can spend the rest of your summer rockin’ out by the beach and listening to some sweet tunes while you chill. Plus, this neat little package is reasonably packaged so you get a good deal of bang for your buck.


With these gifts, you can keep those toes a-tapping and beats a-playing all throughout the summer. Bring on the good vibes.