The Black Mirror Creators are Dropping A Comedy About 2020 This Week, How Ironic

The Black Mirror Creators are Dropping A Comedy About 2020 This Week, How Ironic
Image: Netflix

To round out an incredibly terrible year, the creators of Black Mirror, the often bleak sci-fi Netflix series, are bringing us an end-of-year 2020 special to help us sort through our feelings.

The project is aptly titled ‘Death to 2020’.

Death to 2020 indeed

Earlier in the year, Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker said he wasn’t working on a sixth season of the show because we were already living it. And really, not even a TV show could make up half the shit we’ve had to endure in 2020.

Instead, Death to 2020 is a comedic takedown of this hellscape of a year in a mockumentary style.

The project features big stars like Samuel L. Jackson, Lisa Kudrow, Hugh Grant, Joe Keery, Kumail Nanjiani, Tracey Ullman and Leslie Jones. Black Mirror producers Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones are behind the film with Brooker writing and directing.

The synopsis for the project, from Netflix, reads: “As the year we all want to end finally does, take a look back at 2020’s mad glory in this comedic retrospective from the creators of ‘Black Mirror’.”

The movie is said to include some of the world’s most fictitious renowned voices with real-life archival footage from the last year.

Check out the trailer below:

“I’d say [2020] was a trainwreck and a shitshow but that would be unfair to trains and shit.” This movie is already iconic.

A comedy is quite the twist coming from the creators of the show that brought us depressing stories like White Bear, Playtest and Shut Up and Dance. But having a laugh at 2020 sure will be a refreshing change of pace.

Despite being billed as a comedy and mockumentary, this is still Charlie Brooker, so don’t be surprised if there’s plenty of bleak social commentary about 2020 as well. Although I’m not quite sure if we’re ready to relive a year of fires, riots, a pandemic and a presidential election.

Death to 2020 is hitting Netflix on Sunday, December 27, and it clocks in at 1 hour and 10 minutes. The 2020 retrospective slots right in between the post-Christmas slump and pre-2021 celebrations, so it’s the perfect way to say goodbye to this godforsaken year.