Bigot Livestreamers Tore Down the California Monolith in Christ’s Name

Bigot Livestreamers Tore Down the California Monolith in Christ’s Name
Screenshot: CultureWarCriminal

A young racist foursome, apparently threatened by our lord and saviour Zotar, tore down the California monolith and replaced it with a wooden cross last night. As Motherboard first reported, CultureWarCriminal broadcast the triumph on the gamer streaming platform DLive. They tore it down just hours after its discovery was first reported, meaning that they would have heard about it on the internet, immediately assembled the cross, and made the over four-hour drive to the scene. We just can’t have monoliths in this godforsaken nation.

The full five-hour video has since been removed from DLive. In it, one could see the group rotate from bros to military covert ops LARPers, with full camo and combat helmets and, after a painfully long drive to Atascadero, switch to night vision for the hike up Pine Mountain. Upon reaching America’s public enemy, The Monolith, one of the men gives what sounds like a prepared speech. “We don’t want illegal aliens from Mexico or outer space,” he says. “So let’s tear this bitch down.” You can still find a short clip of the action here.

Chanting “Christ is king! Christ is king!” and “America first!”, with some difficulty, they topple the monolith. “This is what I think about pagan cringe!” one announces, as he pounds the cross on the ground. While the stream is filled with racist and homophobic slurs, they also direct their rage at “marketing schemes” and, on Twitter, “art majors.” On the drive, they sing the “Battle Hymn of the Republic” and a nationalist anthem.

We’ve reached out to DLive and CultureWarCriminal for comment and will update when we hear back.

CultureWarCriminal’s Parler account echoes narratives about election fraud and deploying the military against Antifa and the usual complaints about deplatforming.

As we’ve seen in recent days, dudes seem to fear the monoliths. A group of men destroyed the flagship Utah monolith only 10 days after its discovery, though apparently for the purposes of preserving the surrounding environment from the endless hoards of onlookers.

They’re obviously art projects, but still, no puny cross will stand in the way of Dems turning this country into Blork 9. Hail Globar, et al.