These Are the Best Christmas Gifts for Pet Obsessives

These Are the Best Christmas Gifts for Pet Obsessives
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The easiest path to the heart of any pet owner is to spoil their fur child rotten with a gift. No matter whether it’s a creature big or small, all it takes is a gift to make you their — and therefore their owner’s — favourite person in the world.

So, when holiday season makes it way around, it’s a great idea to get crazy cat friend or your pooch freak family member something for their better halves. They’ll probably enjoy the gift for their pet more than a present for themselves anyway.

A pet health and location tracker

Getting more data about your dog is what every good dog obsessive wants. How many zoomies does my dog do? How many steps does my cat take? Where are they right now?

This Whistle GO/Health & Location Tracker for Pets gives you all the information you’d like to know about your pet’s location, steps, sleep patterns and more. Plus, importantly, it’s waterproof, dustproof, and pretty rugged which is good for all your four-legged adventurers.


A calming bed

Pets, like humans, love their comfy beds. While some furry animals might still opt for the floor, giving them the option of something even you’d like to sleep in will make any pet owner feel good about their choices.

This Zenify calming bed is donut shaped, big and fluffy — so it will envelop your pet, making them feel safe. Also, it’s completely washable, which is a must-have on any gift for pet owners.


A dog DNA test

Ancestry DNA tests are all the rage right now but what if you could do it for dogs too? The DNA My Dog makes that niche a reality. Cheek swab a pooch, ship off the cotton swab and wait patiently for the results to roll in. It’ll match the relevant breeds as well as screen for any major health conditions.


A cat DNA test

Image: Amazon

We can’t include a doggy DNA kit without also including their mortal enemies, the cats. This kit will give a good idea of what breeds your cat hails from and will confirm your suspicions about your kitty being part tiger, lion or lynx.

It’ll set you back a lot more than a regular human DNA kit but if that’s what truly makes your gift recipient happy, what’s a few hundred bucks to know their designer kitty really is a rare breed.


A handheld vacuum cleaner

Comfort, company, entertainment — there are too many benefits of owning a pet to list. One notable drawback is their hair. Pets love to shed everywhere. They absolutely froth about covering you in hair just before you leave the house.

Unfortunately there’s no way to stop them from shedding. But a handheld vacuum cleaner can make a pet lover’s life that much better. It makes it easy (fun, even) to clear up hair but without having to lug the whole big vacuum cleaner out.


A pet camera

Image: Amazon

Pets always get up to weird shit when you’re out but what if there was a way to see just how weird it is? The Furbo Dog Camera lets you watch your pet, interact with it and toss it some treats so it never has to feel alone . It also alerts youif your dog’s barking and will let you take snaps when it comes up to boop the device. Every dog lover needs their very own so it will make The Perfect Gift.


A pet sling

It’s hard to convince a pet lover to put their furry friend down. But occasionally they will need to use their hands to do other tasks or even — God forbid! — leave the house.

SlowTon’s Pet Sling Carrier will save your pet obsessed friend from having to made this choice. The sling allows the owners to carry pets up to 5kg in weight around their torso. It’s padded for both the comfort of the carrier and carried. Plus, it even has little zipper pockets to carry treats for either party.


A pet photography session

Nothing says true love like capturing a pet at their finest. While most pet owners are avid amateur photographers, getting a professional in takes it to the next level.

Places likes Pawtastic Photography offer gift vouchers for 1-2 hour sessions for a shoot with pets and their owners. And the result is souvenirs that will last a lifetime.