Australia Post’s Website Was Changed To Read That Employees ‘Are Smoking Meth’

Australia Post’s Website Was Changed To Read That Employees ‘Are Smoking Meth’

While many of us are starting to gear down for the year, there’s one industry that’s getting busier than ever: the post office. But even considering all the stress around holiday deliveries, a message posted on Australia Post’s website over the weekend was somewhat out of line.

On Saturday, visitors to Australia Post’s official website noticed that postal service’s ‘Latest News’ section had been updated with a rather unusual message.

Instead of a standard update about changes to prices or a warning about delays around the holiday season, it said, simply, “we are smoking meth.”

Now, you could be mistaken for believing that Australia Post was taking a leaf out of the history books and using some chemical assistance to help them through what is the most stressful and busy time of the year for a delivery company.

But the company soon cleared up any confusion by coming out and apologising for the post.

“We apologise to our customers for the unauthorised offensive post,” an Australian Post spokesperson told 7NEWS Australia.

“The offending message has been removed and we have disabled the account that posted it.”

Australia Post hasn’t publicly confirmed how the post was made — whether this post was the result of some harmless, pranking hackers or an (possible now ex-)employee confessing about how they were spending their spare time.

Gizmodo has contacted them for further information. Plus, we should probably say, there’s no evidence to suggest that Australian Post employees are, you know, sucking on a pipe between sending out tracking updates.

And while we’re here, this is a reminder that Australia Post has given a deadline of December 12 for sending packages if you want them to arrive by Christmas time.

“We are encouraging people to plan their Christmas shopping early,” Australia Post’s Executive General Manager of Business Gary Starr said in a statement.