Grab a Cup of Morning Brown and Watch Aunty Donna Erect an Australian Monolith

Grab a Cup of Morning Brown and Watch Aunty Donna Erect an Australian Monolith

Just when we were getting deeply bored by the ongoing monolith saga, Aunty Donna managed to turn things around.

Aunty Donna and I Did A Thing’s Australian Monolith

The boys have taken some time away from their Christmas pud to collaborate with YouTube channel I Did A Thing to build a monolith in Victoria.

“Let’s build a monolith, have a little kiss later, whatever happens.”

The location of this blessed structure is in Doongalla Picnic Ground, just outside of Melbourne. They’ve even kindly provided the exact location if you feel a deep urge to go on a pilgrimage.

The twenty minute video follows the guys as they navigate the murky world of monolith erection, including a pertinent pitstop at KFC and plotting the murder of anyone who busts them in the act.

Christ, how many is that now?

This true blue Aussie monolith is the latest in a string of metal triumphs of human will to pop up around the globe.

It all started last month when the first monolith appeared in the Utah desert before disappearing. Since then more of the structures have appeared in California, Romania and New Mexico.

Last week artist collective, The Most Famous Artist, took credit for the structures, well, sort of. For legal purposes they placed the blame of Them Aliens while releasing concept art on social media and flogging them online.

The prospect of aliens is also discussed during the Australian monolith building process.

“We’ve been assuming this is someone else’s marketing stunt. Imagine if it was aliens and they’re very offended by what we just did?”

Broden Kelly had the only logical answer to this question.

“They’d fuck us to death.”

Regardless of the true origin of the monoliths, we’re choosing to adhere to the head canon that it was Aunty Donna and I Did a Thing all along.

Sure, the Australian government has enacted an international travel ban on all Australians and permeant residents, unless you have exemption, but that’s just semantics.

“This monolith with @ididathing1 is the most fucked piece of promo we’ve ever done,” the Aunty Donna Twitter account reads.

I’m holding out for the Austar tattoo idea that was floated after they got Netflix inked on their butts.

You can watch the entire video here below. We also recommend you fill up on cheese and take a gander at Aunty Donna’s Big Ol’ House of Fun on Netflix.