At Last, Mandalore’s Rightful Heir Gets the Figure She Deserves

At Last, Mandalore’s Rightful Heir Gets the Figure She Deserves
Image: ToyNK, Hasbro, and Bandai

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, Gizmodo’s regular round up of all the coolest nerd merch around the internet. This week, Wonder Woman 1984‘s glorious golden armour enters the Bandai Figuarts line, the finest Jurassic Park homeware arrives, and we’re all going to start rhythmically chanting about Star Wars eggs. Check it out!

Image: Moff Gideon Image: Moff Gideon

Hot Toys Star Wars: The Mandalorian Moff Gideon Sixth-Scale Figure

Just in time for, well, you know what, Hot Toys has released a look at its own 1:6 scale take on The Mandalorian’s infamous villain Moff Gideon, complete with the Darksaber in all its swooshy glory. Gideon comes with a wire-lined cape to pose him in all sorts of dramatic ways, multiple hands, a blaster, and several hilts for the Darksaber, allowing you to display it either in its traditional bladed form or with an extended slashing piece to make it look like the blade’s in action. You’ll be waiting a long time to get him in your custody though: Gideon’s not due out till mid 2022. Oh, dear. [Hot Toys]

Image: Toynk Image: Toynk

Jurassic Park Replica 16-Piece Ceramic Dinnerware Set

It seems unlikely that any of us will have the chance to visit a real-life version of Jurassic Park in our lifetimes, but you can recreate one small sliver of that experience every time you sit down to a fancy dinner — whether or not you’re eating Chilean sea bass. This 16-piece ceramic dinnerware set includes four place settings with a dinner plate, salad plate, bowl, and mug all bearing not only the Jurassic Park logo, but also the black and gold accent trim as seen in the dining room scene in the movie. For $US110 ($145) it also makes for a lovely hand-me-down for your kids and grandkids who you’ve undoubtedly forced to watch Jurassic Park again and again.

Image: Hasbro Image: Hasbro

Hasbro Star Wars: The Mandalorian The Child Hideaway Hover-Pram

Despite losing some of his charm when it was revealed his name was actually Grogu, Baby Yoda remains one of the greatest marketing creations of all time, as is evident by this new plush version that transforms from a Force-gifted alien to a sealed floating pram. You can pretend you have the willpower to not immediately pre-order this one for $US20 ($26), but come August 1 2021, Amazon will probably be dropping one off at your doorstep. It’s reminiscent of the popular ‘80s plush line called the Popples, but it’s Star Wars, so it’s OK to proudly display this one on your desk.

Image: Tamashii Nations Image: Tamashii Nations

Tamashii Nations S.H. Figuarts WW84 Wonder Woman Golden Armour Figure

The next big trend in fashion, once Wonder Woman 1984 hits theatres and HBO Max on Christmas Day, will be golden armour. Mark our words. It’s not necessarily a practical way to step out for groceries, or a morning jog, or really any activity that doesn’t involve stopping an oil magnate or a half-human-half-cheetah super villain. You’re better off just grabbing Tamashii Nations’ S.H. Figuarts Wonder Woman 5.9-inch golden armour figure, which has finally been revealed in official photos. It comes with an articulated set of golden wings, as well as two head sculpts, swappable hair and hands, and the Lasso of Truth in extended and coiled versions. The figure is expected to arrive in May of next year.

Image: Hasbro Image: Hasbro

Hasbro Star Wars The Black Series Bo-Katan Kryze Figure

Bo-Katan’s arrival late in Clone Wars’ endgame means that she managed to miss out on the action figure goodness of the show’s own line, so thank goodness she showed up in The Mandalorian this season, meaning that she can now get a fancy 6″ action figure in the Black Series. Bearing the likeness of Katee Sackhoff as she appears in the show, the Black Series Bo-Katan comes with a removable helmet and two Mandalorian blaster pistols. You’ll have to nab the Darksaber off the incoming Moff Gideon Black Series figure landing on shelves soon to fully complete the picture though. Bo-Katan will cost $US20 ($26) when she arrives in spring next year.

Image: Hot Toys Image: Hot Toys

Hot Toys Cyberpunk 2077 Johnny Silverhand Sixth-Scale Figure

It’s been a rough start for what was probably the most anticipated game of 2020. After realising it was filled with more bugs than a roach motel, Sony has officially removed Cyberpunk 2077 from the PlayStation Store, and has even offered refunds to disappointed gamers. The game did manage to deliver one highlight for 2020: Keanu Reeves’ Johnny Silverhand character, which Hot Toys has already turned into an immaculately detailed sixth-scale figure. With over 30 points of articulation, you can easily put the Silverhand figure into the iconic “sad Keanu’” pose over the game’s recall, but there’s no reason to be sad about the fantastic paint job on the figure’s cybernetic arm. (Oh…silver hand! NOW we get it!) Hot Toys also promises the figure has a new Keanu head sculpt, though the eyes look borrowed from someone else. Still, we’ll happily take a 95% Keanu fig, even if we have to wait until mid-2022 for this one to drop.

Image: Disney Image: Disney

Star Wars Celebration Star Wars: The Mandalorian Plush Mudhorn Egg

If you’ve been working on a Jawa costume in anticipation of a future where fans are allowed to gather in person again, your cosplay won’t be complete without this plush fur-covered Mudhorn egg. Unlike the one prized by the Jawas of Arvala-7, this one isn’t filled with the slimy goop of an unborn Mudhorn, but a hidden zipper does allow you to open it if you feel the need to fill it with pudding or another gloopy substitute. Only 1,500 of these are available from the Star Wars Celebration online store for $US30 ($39) each, but they’re not expected to ship out until early 2021.

Editor’s Note: Some product details within this article are based in the U.S., but will be updated with local Australian details as soon as we know more.