Watch This Datsun 280z Get Its First Wash Ever

Watch This Datsun 280z Get Its First Wash Ever

Imagine you crack open a barn that no one has touched in decades and finding a Datsun 280Z with a mere 563 km on it. If you’re a car enthusiast, your brain is probably immediately roaring with ideas about what you’re going to do with this car. But before any of that, you have one task: Wash it.

That’s the magic we get to watch on AMMO NYC’s YouTube channel today. Buckle down, grab a drink, and melt into the soothing process of watching a car being deep-cleaned without having to lift a finger.

There’s an interesting story behind this car — including why it’s been sitting untouched for so long. The current owner claims that the original owner brought his brand new 280Z home from a dealership in Philadelphia only to notice a dent in the fender. After some back-and-forth with the dealership, the owner finally convinced them to order him a whole new fender rather than just putty over the dent and paint it.

He took the fender off and waited for the next one to arrive. And, since he wasn’t driving it around, he decided to remove the radio and add a cassette player. Before he could finish the job, the original owner ran out of money, and so the car just sat.

That’s one hell of a story, but we’ve all had the joy of benefitting from it. Now, we get to watch AMMO NYC treat this car to some TLC while we imagine all the ways we’ll load up the odometer.