Updates From The Batman, Scream 5, and More

Updates From The Batman, Scream 5, and More
Batman makes a hasty escape. (Screenshot: Warner Bros.)

The Walking Dead teases the arrival of Lucille. Mads Mikkelsen is still holding out hope that Hannibal could come back. Dead things don’t stay buried in the latest teaser for…whatever wild thing Riverdale will get up to this season. Plus, what’s to come on His Dark Materials. Spoilers away!

Scream 5

In an interview with Cinema Blend, Scream 5 co-director Tyler Gillett promised the latest film would pay “respect” to the previous four.

There’s just so much weight in what those four movies are. This by the way speaks to the legacy characters. The fact that there are so many characters that so many people want to know more about, want to have more story told with these characters. The fact that there are so many characters that so many people want to know more about, want to have more story told with these characters. There’s just a level of love and respect for the world that Wes [Craven] and Kevin [Williamson] created. So for us it felt like the only way to do this right was to create connectivity. And a lot of it is also just what the Scream movies are, right? They’re about lineage. They’re about the evolution of pop culture and the evolution of the genre. And you can’t have something new without also giving a nod to what came before it. And paying respect, and giving a bow to what followed.

The Batman

New set photos include a Gotham courtyard in winter, various partially demolished buildings, and what appears to be the exterior of the Batcave.


The Boss Baby 2: Family Business

Amy Sedaris (!) develops a de-ageing serum (!!) in the sequel to the 2017 Trumpsloitation kid’s film, The Boss Baby.

What Lies Below

Bloody-Disgusting has an exclusive clip from What Lies Below, the upcoming horror film starring Mena Suvari as a single mother falling in love with a man-lamprey.


Deadline reports Ahmet Zappa has acquired the rights to Weird-Ohs, a series of model kits produced in the early ‘60s by the Hawk Model Company, and plans to “develop and create new shows and media” starring the line’s “car-icky-tures” — Ed Roth-inspired grotesques with names like Drag Hag, Sling Rave Curvette, and Endsville Eddy. Curiously, Zappa’s Weird-Ohs will actually be the second attempt to create a multimedia franchise with the brand, following a short-lived television series from 1999.

Lost Island

Deadline additionally reports Michael Younesi (Project Mc2) and Studio71 are developing a mystery-adventure series “inspired by Tiki culture and folklore from the South Pacific.” The story follows “a family as they move to a remote tropical island to fix up a dilapidated resort hotel. Soon after they arrive, the family comes to discover that both the hotel property and the Island itself are haunted by ancient mysteries that threaten to destroy the Island.”


In a recent interview with Indiewire, Mads Mikkelsen stated he remains eternally hopeful for a fourth season of Hannibal adapting The Silence of the Lambs.

I don’t think it’s a secret that if it does happen, we would love to go into Silence of the Lambs. That’s always been an issue because they didn’t have the rights for that book. But that’s obviously the most famous part and we’d love to go in there. We’d obviously switch it around a little and do all kinds of crazy stuff with it. That story is so interesting and the characters in it are as interesting. We’d switch around the genders and maybe even put two characters into one. We would love to find someone to play Buffalo Bill. That’s going to be tough. We found a Hannibal, so it’s possible.

The Walking Dead

Bloody-Disgusting has a screenshot of Hilarie Burton Morgan as Negan’s wife, Lucille.

Photo: AMCPhoto: AMC


Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa shared this ominous new poster for Riverdale’s fifth season on Twitter.

His Dark Materials

Finally, Lyra ignores the alethiometer’s advice in the trailer for “Theft,” next week’s episode of His Dark Materials.

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