This They Live Bust Should Be the Official Symbol of 2020

This They Live Bust Should Be the Official Symbol of 2020
The Alien Politician in his true form. (Image: Waxwork Records )

It’s a new morning in America: stale, beleagured. The old cynicism is still here. We lack faith in our leaders. We’re pessimistic as to what becomes of it all. It really boils down to our ability to endure.

In the spirit of John Carpenter’s prescient 1988 film They Live, Waxwork Records would very much like for you to give in to your consumer urges and bring an iconic symbol from the movie into your home, perhaps as a solemn reminder of what the political powers that be want from you. The latest in Waxwork’s line of Spinature mini busts features the “politician” whose true alien form is revealed to the world in They Live when Roddy Piper’s character disrupts the signal that allows the invaders to cloak their identities on Earth.

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The Alien Politician bust. (Image: Waxwork Records )The Alien Politician bust. (Image: Waxwork Records )
Vote formaldehyde face! (Image: Waxwork Records )Vote formaldehyde face! (Image: Waxwork Records )

The bust’s exact recreation of the They Live character would be uncanny enough on its own, but in this specific moment in time, its ghoulishness is even more pronounced because of how effectively it reflects the kind of energy that many political leaders have been outwardly projecting in the months leading up to the presidential election. That energy isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and so a physical reminder of it might not actually be all that necessary. But if you’re the optimistic type who envisions a future in which political titans aren’t also parasitic monsters, then perhaps this is the sort of thing you might want to pick up for nostalgia’s sake.

Just make sure you have your sunglasses (and maybe some bubble gum) handy at all times. Pre-orders for the 4-inch bust ($US24 ($34)) are now open at Waxwork Records, and the bust is expected to ship in February 2021.