This New DuckTales Clip Is Also a Tantalising Doctor Who Reunion, Kind Of

This New DuckTales Clip Is Also a Tantalising Doctor Who Reunion, Kind Of
Matilda! He has a sister. There is another. (Image: Disney)

The Master, a-whoo-hoo!

At least, that’s what the theme song would be for an upcoming episode of DuckTales if they were being a bit more honest about what fans are going to get out of it. As Syfy Wire points out, an upcoming episode of the Disney cartoon is going to introduce a new character, one who hasn’t ever appeared in animation before, despite being a part of Don Rosa’s seminal Scrooge McDuck comics. That character is Matilda McDuck, Scrooge’s sister, with whom he does not particularly get along, which offers a handy explanation for why she hasn’t come up until now.

But for a special kind of nerd, that’s not what’s interesting here. At least, that may not be the most interesting part. Instead, those honours go to the fact that Scrooge McDuck, voiced by former Doctor David Tennant, will be opposite a Matilda voiced by Michelle Gomez, aka Missy (aka The Master). And, sure, yeah, ok, fine: That Doctor never met Missie. But that’s not the point. The point is, it’s a nice combination of two great voices beloved for their Doctor Who tenures coming together to pretend to be ducks. Does that not drive just a bit of joy into your hearts, like a bedazzled stake?

Check out the clip above for a preview of the meeting of the voices, and watch the episode, “The Fight for Castle McDuck,” on November 24.