Get Samsung’s Latest Foldable Phone for $500 Off

Get Samsung’s Latest Foldable Phone for $500 Off
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A few months back Samsung released its new Galaxy Z Fold 2 in Australia. Now just in time for Black Friday Woolworths Mobile is discounting the fancy foldable device by $500.

A big improvement

We had a chance to play with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 a couple of months back and it’s a huge improvement on the first generation.

In addition to a bigger front display (which makes a world of difference) and a great camera, the 2020 foldable feels far more durable than its predecessor.  The overall design improvements make you feel like you’re actually holding a futuristic device that’s more than just a gimmick.

The only real major issue for me was the price point. This is to be expected with a new form factor, particularly from a high end brand like Samsung. Still, $3,000 for a phone is prohibitive for a lot of people.

Woolworths Mobile Samsung Galazy Z Fold 2 deal

If you’re looking to get it a bit cheaper, Woolworths Mobile has you covered.

The Telstra-powered Mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) has discounted the Z Fold 2 by $500. This brings will save you $20.83 per month on a 24-month plan or $13.88 per month on a 36-month plan.

Here are the 24-month plans:

And here are the 36-month plans:

You’ve only got a short time to snap up this offer, which only runs until December 1, 2020.