JFC, The Samung Galaxy Z Flip Is $1100 Off

JFC, The Samung Galaxy Z Flip Is $1100 Off
Image: Samsung
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Earlier this year Samsung released its adorable clamshell foldable, the Galaxy Z Flip. If you wanted to inject some old school phone nostalgia into one of the modern phones on the market, you can now get one for just $999.

Huge Samsung Galazy Z Flip deal

Samsung has knocked a whopping $1,100 off the Galaxy Z Flip, and that makes it a damn tempting buy. The RRP is $1,999 which is eye-watering but not surprising considering the new form factor.

When the Z Flip dropped earlier this year we said it was the first foldable worth caring about. This is because it was the first to hit the market that really felt polished and devoid of any hardware issues.

It was an absolute delight to use and felt like the natural successor to the old school flip phones. I loved my time with it, but I didn’t love the price. But at $999… now that’s something worth thinking about.

Here’s a snipper of what we had to say in our review:

“Honestly, the biggest compliment I can give the Z Flip is that it feels a lot like a traditional smartphone, but with the ability to bend the screen in half and end calls by slamming the phone shut, which is really goddamn satisfying. Now I admit the part about functioning as a normal phone might not sound like much, especially for something that costs $2000 but it really is a massive improvement, enough for me to say that the Z Flip feels like a more refined, second-gen take on foldable tech.”

You can pick up a $999 Samsung Galaxy Z Flip directly from Samsung Australia.

I want to buy it on a plan for even cheaper

If you’re interested but would prefer to buy on a plan, Vodafone also has the Z Flip on sale right now for just $991 before you add your plan on top.

Our pick of the bunch here is the $40 Lite plan over 24 months. It comes with 50GB data a month and only costs $76.29 per month.