Cram The Forbidden Adult Play-Doh Into My Gaping Maw

Cram The Forbidden Adult Play-Doh Into My Gaping Maw

Sometimes you stumble across something so enticing, so alluringly forbidden that you have a crisis of faith. No matter how hard you struggle against the internal demon, you simply must submit. In this case, the new ‘Grown Up Scent’ Play-Doh is summoning such a visceral response. And with such seductive fragrances like ‘Grill King’ and ‘Mom Jeans’, who are we to resist shoving them into our salivating face holes?

Hasbro has released these triumphs of human will as a six-pack on Amazon and Entertainment Earth. As the name suggests, they each have their own unique aroma that put Chanel No. 5 to shame. Clearly, we weren’t the first to be seduced by its gloopy siren song, because they’re already sold out in some places.

If you do ever happen to get your shaking mits on these treasures, here’s what you can expect:

  • Overpriced Latte (coffee)
  • Mom Jeans (clean denim)
  • Grill King (smoked meats)
  • Dad Sneakers (rubber)
  • Spa Day (floral)
  • Lord of the Lawn (fresh cut grass)

We all know you’re secretly wondering what these taste like. Somewhere in the dark depths of your soul you yearn for a small morsel.

We’re not cowards here at Gizmodo. We can admit our dark, clay-shaped desires. We call upon Hasbro to be bold enough to call our bluff. Send us the forbidden Play-Doh and we will not only feast upon its neon flesh, but produce the evidence for all to see.

(You really shouldn’t eat Play-Doh though, everyone)