Pete Evans Says He’s Quitting Facebook

Pete Evans Says He’s Quitting Facebook

To cap off a week from hell (of his own making), celebrity chef and Australia’s most prominent conspiracy theorist Pete Evans says he’s going to leave Facebook.

In a post made on Friday afternoon, Evans posted a picture of a hand making a peace sign to his Facebook. The post’s caption bids farewell to his 1.5 million Facebook followers.

“To all the amazing fb community we have built over the years….yes the 1.5 million of you. For me It is time to say goodbye to this platform and thank you all for sharing your stories of beautiful health transformations and for giving me a bloody good laugh and cry along the way. ????❤️,” he wrote.

“Get your popcorn out as this is not the end, however, just a beautiful new transition into a space of love, education, knowledge and not being censored ever again. You are all welcome to explore and connect.”

In the post, Pete Evans promoted his website, newsletter, encrypted chat channel and his Parler account — the social network overrun with conspiracy and Neo-Nazis.

Strangely, he didn’t mention Instagram nor did he cross-post the image to the image-based social network, despite being owned by the same company.

An hour after posting, he’s yet to follow through on his promise.

After kicking off the week by posting a cartoon featuring a Neo-Nazi symbol, Evans was dropped by just about every single company that had an association with him including, but not limited to: his publisher, both the big two supermarkets, many of the country’s booksellers, a reality television show he was set to appear on and even his essential oil MLM company.

Pete Evans responded as he always does: by posting through it.

After first acknowledging Evans knew the meaning of the Neo-Nazi symbol, he then denied it, and then apologised for it, and then he apologised again while claiming he didn’t know what a Neo-Nazi was.

Let’s hope that this weekend — unencumbered by the demands of social media or any of his business relationships — he can find some time to educate himself on well-known terms or, say, basic science.

TGIF, Pete.