Over the Garden Wall Composers Release 6 Tracks Cut From the Show

Over the Garden Wall Composers Release 6 Tracks Cut From the Show
A scene from Cartoon Network's Over the Garden Wall. (Image: Cartoon Network)

Over the Garden Wall, the Emmy-winning 2014 miniseries from Cartoon Network, is a testament to the power of imagination and the love of family. It also has some killer songs. Now, the composers behind the show’s signature sound have released six new songs that had been created for the show.

As reported by Polygon, Justin and Josh Petrojvic, who perform together as the Blasting Company, released a new EP of songs that were created for Over the Garden Wall but never made it onto the show. They may be rough and unpolished tracks, released as “Sketches of the Unknown,” but they’re the perfect kind of sweet, calming melodies we need for a day like today. You can listen to them below.

Over the Garden Wall, based on an animated short film by creator Patrick McHale, stars Elijah Wood and Collin Dean as two half-brothers who find themselves stranded in the mysterious forest of the Unknown searching for a way home. It aired from November 3 to November 7, 2014, and quickly grew in popularity among fans of the animation genre. The series was praised for its beauty and creativity, winning an Emmy and spawning a comic book adaptation.

In a recent interview with Inverse, McHale said he’s looking to develop a “spiritual successor” to the series — likely following the miniseries format again, as he finds the television production process to be “very gruelling.” In the meantime, McHale is working as a writer on Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio, which is set to debut on Netflix.