How The New Xbox Share Button Works

How The New Xbox Share Button Works

One of the biggest changes to the new Xbox Series X and S controllers is the new share button. This is what it does and how it works.

The share button us my favourite feature of the new Xbox Series X and X controller. It basically streamlines your ability to take in-game screenshots and clips and then share them across multiple platforms.

How to use the Xbox Series X and S share button

The share button is super easy to use, which is the entire point.

Once you’re in a game, all you need to do is hit the share button if you want to take a screenshot. If you want to take a clip, you just need to do a long press of the button. That’s it!

But what about sharing?

xbox share button

Once again, the next gen xbox consoles are designed to make this easier. Once you take your screenshot or clip you can hit the Xbox button to view what you just captured.

From there you can choose to upload it to your activity feed, send it as a message or even tweet it. If you open up all sharing options you can also upload to an applicable club or to One Drive.

This screen also gives you the ability to set a screenshot as a background, delete it or view all of your captures.

I want to share across more platforms in an easier way

Photo: Tegan Jones

Photo: Tegan Jones

Photo: Tegan Jones

Photo: Tegan Jones

If this wasn’t easy enough for you, the Xbox App gives you even more options.

With the Xbox Series X and S you can choose to have all of your screenshots and clips upload to the app. All you need to do is be logged into Xbox Live on your console.

Once you’ve done that, your content should upload automatically.

To view your uploads, open the app and go to My Library. Go to the ‘Captures’ tab and select a clip or pic you want to share.

You’ll now how the option to share the photo or simply download it to your phone for later use. Hitting the share button gives you a myriad of options, including Instagram, WhatsApp, TikTok, Slack and Messenger. And the list goes on.

Happy sharing! And if you’re keen to read more, we have our Xbox Series X review right here.