Marvel’s Eternals Artwork Gives Us a Tiny New Glimpse of the Film

Marvel’s Eternals Artwork Gives Us a Tiny New Glimpse of the Film
Get ready to meet Earth's most ancient protectors. (Image: Marvel Comics)

Jamie Lee Curtis says Halloween Kills will tackle some heady themes. Bitsie Tulloch teases Lois’ wardrobe for Superman & Lois. Get fresh looks at Starfire’s return in Titans and Javicia Leslie’s new Batwoman suit. Plus, behind the scenes on The Witcher’s next season, and bad news for production on Charmed. Spoilers get!

Illustration: Jim Cooke Illustration: Jim Cooke

Halloween Kills

Appearing as a guest on The Jess Cagle Show, Jamie Lee Curtis described Halloween Kills as “a masterpiece” with themes relevant to the Black Lives Matter movement.

What we were seeing around the country of the power, of the rage of voices, big groups of people coming together enraged at the set of circumstances, that’s what the movie is. The movie is about a mob. And so it’s very interesting because it takes on what happens when trauma infects an entire community.

And we’re seeing it everywhere with the Black Lives Matter movement. We’re seeing it in action and Halloween Kills weirdly enough, dovetailed onto that, preceded it, it was written before that occurred. So when you see it, it’s a seething group of people moving through the story as a big angry group, it’s really, really, really, really, really intense. It’s a masterpiece.

James Bond 26

In conversation with The Daily Telegraph’s Stellar, Outlander’s Sam Heughan stated “it would be a big yes” if he were asked to take over the role of James Bond from Daniel Craig.

Obviously, yes – it would be a big yes. Of course any actor would want it. But I also have a theory that any reasonably well-known British actor who’s worn a suit instantly has their name thrown into the ring by fans.

Whenever We Actually See No Time to Die, Lashana Lynch Really Is the New 007

Considering the movie was meant to come out approximately 300 years ago in the Astral Era known by historians as “earlier this year,” we’ve known that Lashana Lynch’s No Time to Die character was a 00 — and the source of many a rumour about whether or not she’d be...

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Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark 2

In a recent interview with Comic Book, Andre Øvredal hyped the upcoming Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark sequel as “wonderful stuff.”

I mean, we’re actively working on it. No, we can’t reveal that. I can’t, unfortunately. But no, we’re really playing with some new, wonderful stuff that I am very excited about where this sequel could go.


New promotional artwork for Eternals has surfaced, showing the whole team in full costume.

We also have a new look at Kingo from a French activity book.

Here are the Eternals. The Eternals are an extraterrestrial, immortal species that come from a far away planet and who arrived on Earth thousands of years ago. These superheroes have protected humanity since the dawn of time. The Eternals possess incredible strength and the power to fly. Some of them even have other additional powers.

The return of the Deviants, a race of alien predators, pushes the Eternals to unite their powers. Working as a team, they can save the world!

Dark Shadows: Reincarnation

According to TV Line, the Dark Shadows sequel series “never made it to the pilot stage and at this point is no longer in development at The CW.”

Superman & Lois

Elizabeth “Bitsie” Tulloch promised Lois Lane will wear lots of purple clothing in her upcoming CW series.

I just want everyone who said that they want to see Lois in a lot of purple to know that I heard you loud and clear. Gonna be a lot of purple.


Javicia Leslie shared a new behind-the-scenes photo of herself in the Batwoman costume on Twitter, as she along with Meagan Tandy, like all of us, waits for ballots to be counted.


Cinematographer Boris Mojsovski has our first look at Starfire as she appears in the third season of Titans.


Comic Book reports production on the CW’s Charmed “has been temporarily shut down after someone on the crew of the supernatural drama tested positive for covid-19.”

The Witcher

New set pics of Yennefer, Cahir, Stegobor and Vilgefortz have surfaced.


Banner art by Jim Cooke.