Formula Drift Now Has An Official Underglow Because It’s 2002 Again

Formula Drift Now Has An Official Underglow Because It’s 2002 Again

If teams want to drift onto the Formula D podium, they will have to comply with a new rule that requires cars running in night events to be outfitted with underglow. The requirement takes effect immediately, ahead of the upcoming Irwindale Title Fight competition.

The rule will apply through the 2021 season, too. A Formula D statement details the incredible response from fans and viewers to a recent video campaign, citing this response as the catalyst for the new rule.

The collective response to this was, “aww, sick!” in the early aughts sense of the word. A more celebratory and enthusiastic sense than say, the current pandemic sense.

I’ll admit I’m not the biggest fan of underglow, but even I will concede that of all the different types of competition in motorsports, underglow makes the most sense in Formula D. Especially given the setting and the series the new lighting rules apply to.

Think of the static and long exposure drone shots that will be made possible by underglow as the machines slide in and out of apexes, awash in smoke and light.

I will always use any excuse I can to remind enthusiasts of the Wachoswkis’ visionary interpretation of Speed Racer. Recall the bright lights and long-exposure sweeps in that film as Speed took on the evil Royalton and his cronies. Lights streaking, cars whooshing on, ascendant to pole position. Formula Drift is not exactly a Wachowski joint, but I will watch anything that brings a little of that magic to the real world.