Dozens of New Emoji Roll Out With iOS 14.2 Today

Dozens of New Emoji Roll Out With iOS 14.2 Today
Photo: Emojipedia

The mustachioed disguise emoji you’ve been yearning for has finally arrived.

New emoji announced just after the start of hell year 2020 have finally arrived on iPhones with iOS 14.2, delivering 117 new emoji variations. In addition to adding characters that expand on representation, including additional skin tones and gender variations for existing emoji, the update also introduces new animals (dodo! seal!), foods (bubble tea! tamale!), whimsical emoji (magic wand! black cat!), and more.

Image: Apple/Emojipedia Image: Apple/Emojipedia

A notable addition to Apple’s emoji library includes the updated face with medical mask emoji. In pre-pandemic times, this emoji face appeared fairly neutral. Now, the face will appear as though it’s smiling, a change that first appeared in the beta version iOS 14.2 last month (roughly 400 years ago now). This week’s update also introduces the pinched fingers emoji, a headstone emoji, and a plunger, which feels especially appropriate for all the shit we’re dealing with this week.

I was also a little disappointed to see that Apple ultimately went with a blank placard emoji over a text-ambiguous version that was particularly controversial among the staff here at Gizmodo. No matter, though. Literally every other platform went with some variation of scrawled script that you can spend the next few hours deciphering amongst yourselves if you so choose.

Any distraction is welcome at this point.