Don’t Care About The U.S. Election Results? Why Not Visit These Cool and Calming Websites

Don’t Care About The U.S. Election Results? Why Not Visit These Cool and Calming Websites
Some of you don't care about the US election results. And that's ok

OK, we get it!  There’s a U.S. election and it’s result will be historic yada yada yada. But some of us don’t want to spend our days watching TV anchors stall or trying to figure out what or who a Wisconsin is.  So, we’ve collated some of the best things to do on the internet that have absolutely nothing to do with the election results.


Geoguessr is a geography game that drops you at a random spot in the world and challenges you to guess exactly where you are, based on your surroundings. You can be placed anywhere! Even in the U.S. (not in real time, so no reason to fear accidentally seeing something U.S. election results-related).

Melbourne CBD Falcons livestream

Whether they’re hiding from planes or just chilling, these Peregrine falcon chicks are extremely cute and available to watch 24/7. They’re so carefree! Not a care in the world! I bet they don’t even know how many electoral college votes you need to win to become president.


Ready to be transported back to computer lessons in year 4? Miniclip is a website filled to the brim with silly little browser games like Smash Karts or Tower Crash. Newgrounds is good too.

Am I The Asshole?

There’s only one thing you should be voting on today: based on a scenario, is this stranger an asshole? The Am I the Asshole? Twitter account takes the best posts from the subreddit of the same name and lets you decide whether someone is the good or bad guy in the situation. Warning: this is on Twitter, resist the temptation to read your feed!

A 10-hour video of a train trip to the Arctic Circle

You know what takes hours but is largely uneventful? U.S. election results coverage. But enough about that: here’s a hypnotic video that allows you spend the better part of a day traversing through the Norwegian landscapes on the “renowned Nordland Line”, according to the owner of the YouTube account SlowTV Relax&Background.

Multiplayer Piano

Perhaps the U.S. election results has worn down your trust in humanity. In that case, Multiplayer Piano might restore it. The browser piano allows you to work with (or perhaps against!) others. It’s chaotic and yet sometimes, it produces something beautiful. And isn’t that what life’s all about?

Maths is Fun

Don’t spend your time trying to add up to 270. Instead, work on your addition, divison, algebra, calculus or even play fun maths game on website Maths is Fun.

Google Chrome’s dinosaur game

And finally: why not play the dinosaur game that comes pre-installed in your Google chrome browser that you can access when you don’t have an internet connection. It serves a dual purpose: have fun AND forces you to be logged off. Bliss!