Did A NT Public Servant Add ‘Pee pee poo poo’ To The Hungry Jacks Wiki Page?

Did A NT Public Servant Add ‘Pee pee poo poo’ To The Hungry Jacks Wiki Page?
Twitter: @AussieParlEdits

Is someone working at the Northern Territory (NT) government responsible for editing the Wikipedia page for Hungry Jack’s to add “Pee pee poo poo yee haw im very cock a doodle do”? Maybe, but not likely.

On Tuesday at 1.38PM AEDT, a Twitter account called Aussie Parl&Gov WikiEdits tweeted that the Hungry Jack’s page was edited by an anonymous user.

Based on a similar account in the US, the @AussieParlEdits monitors Wikipedia for edits made from IP address known to be used by Australia’s governments and parliaments.

When an edit made by one of these accounts, it tweets it out for all the world to see how our public servants are apparently using their time.

In the past it’s caught someone making changes to the page for the ‘Devon (Sausage)’ Wikipedia page.

And also someone from the Australian Taxation Office making edits to the page for the 2005 Playstation Portable game Ape Escape: On The Loose.

So, as you can see, it’s clearly an important resource for government transparency and accountability.

Which brings us to the edits that keep being made by anonymous users from IP addresses associated with the NT Government.

The user or users who have been editing Wikipedia from that IP address have been busy. Here’s some of their recent edits:

Not content with changing the Hungry Jack’s page, they also edited the McDonalds Wikipedia page to change the page’s name to “Mcbum holes”.

Continuing on this food-focused vandalism spree, the page for onion rings was altered to change a chemical component to “poo gas”.

And in a rather morbid development, the page for die — the object you roll during games — was also changed to add the text “Maddy wants to die”.

So is there a suicidal junk food-obsessed e-vandal called Maddy employed by the NT Government?

Probably not — although Gizmodo can’t rule it out. Here’s why.

Earlier this year, the @AussieParlEdits Twitter account tweeted a note from its owner.

“Based on past behaviour, edits showing from “Northern Territory Government” likely include edits from computers at schools,” they wrote.

You will note, however, that this is only an observation. And even if this is true that they share an IP address rang, it doesn’t preclude a public servant having made the edit, only that it could also be explained by a student.

Which provides the perfect excuse for any NT government employee to make any edits they want without scrutiny. The perfect crime.