Chrome’s Latest Update Makes it Heaps Faster, According to Google

Chrome’s Latest Update Makes it Heaps Faster, According to Google
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If it took you several seconds to load this article in Google Chrome, rest easy knowing there’s some very good news about the web browser’s latest update.

After releasing a few big updates to the browser this year, Google’s Chrome director Matt Waddell announced the search giant’s last update for Chrome for 2020 would be dropping today on the company’s blog.

“The updates can help you get things done this holiday season (and beyond), so you can make life’s work a bit smoother and reclaim precious time,” he wrote.

And there are some pretty significant improvements and new features ready for you when you update:

  • Waddell said the new browser is, like, much faster. After the update, Chrome will start up to 25% faster, load pages up to 7% faster — all while using less power and RAM.
  • Thanks to a decision to prioritise open tabs, Chrome will now demand up to five times less CPU power and your battery life, too.
  • Here’s one for all you tab addicts: you can now search your Chrome’s open tabs after the update, allowing you to easily find what you’re looking for when you’ve got too much open.
  • Google has also expanded what you can do in the address by by adding ‘Chrome Actions’, a series of commands that you can complete such as ‘delete history’.
  • It is also adding ‘cards’ to your new tab page in Chrome. These are essentially suggestions based on previously visited related webpages when you start a search. They give an example of resurfacing previous recipes you’ve looked at when you search what ideas for what to eat.

While there’s nothing particularly ground-breaking here, this update to Chrome — which you would probably call evolutionary rather than revolutionary — will likely improve the experience for any devotees of the browser. All in all, not too bad!