Here’s Some Super Cheap Refurbished iPhone Plans

Here’s Some Super Cheap Refurbished iPhone Plans
Image: Apple

We are yet another iPhone generation in. But let’s face it not everyone can afford to go for the latest and greatest in Apple technology. So, if you still want an iPhone but don’t want to break the bank then Numobile is offering some great alternatives.

Numobile’s Phone Plans

Numobile offers phone only, sim only and bundle deals. Right now it has some great deals on refurbished iPhone 7s and 8s. Thanks to the resale life of iPhones, even older models continue to be super popular.

There’s a refurbed iPhone 7 plan for $6 a month on a 24-month plan, which works out to be $144 plus plan fees. There’s also a refurbed iPhone 8 plan going for $15 per month for 24-months, which totals at $360 plus plan fees.

All that’s left is to add on your plan. The basic small mobile plan is the cheapest, starting at $15 a month which gives you 3GB of data.

But a better deal is Numobile’s medium mobile plan which gives you 30GB of data for $30 a month. You’re essentially getting ten times the amount of data for only $15 more.

If you need even more data the largest plan offers 50GB for $45 per month, but that’s only 20GB extra for $15, whereas the medium plan offers better value for money at $1 per GB.

Overall, you’re looking at under $500 for any of the iPhone 8 bundles and under $350 total for the iPhone 7. Those are some pretty sweet deals, particularly considering that Telstra is powered by the Telstra network.

Another great perk is that with any Numobile plan you can bank up to 200gb of data and carry it over to the next month without any extra fees. Numobile also offers a 2GB add-on for $20 or a $5GB add-on for $25 if you run over your monthly limit. These are some great data-friendly options so remember that when considering which plan to choose.

All these offers are running until November 12.

What is Numobile?

Potentially, you may never have heard of numobile, so here’s the rundown. Numobile deals exclusively in pre-owned phones for both Apple and Samsung devices. The devices are typically a few generations back but you can still snag yourself a good deal on phones as recent as the iPhone X.

Each phone is ‘nucertified’ and refurbished before purchase. Local technicians test every aspect of each phone to make sure that all the features you love are fully functional. Numobile also makes sure to fully wipe and unlock each phone and will never re-sell stolen devices. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is everyday wear and tear.

An added bonus is that Numobile is powered by the Telstra network, who we all know has the best network in the country. You’re not guaranteed to have the exact same coverage as if you were on a Telstra plan, but it’s still great value for money.