Black Friday 2020: Everything To Expect This Year [Updated]

Black Friday 2020: Everything To Expect This Year [Updated]
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Get your wallets ready because Black Friday 2020 is fast approaching. The mammoth shopping event will be officially kicking off on November 27, bringing with it some of the biggest and best deals of the year. To help you get ready for the big day, so you don’t miss out on some of 2020’s best bargains, we’ve put together a list of everything you need to know about the sale event.

Be sure to keep an eye on this post, as we’ll update it when more information and deals become available.

What is Black Friday?

What started out as a huge sale event in the United States to signify the start of the Christmas shopping season, it has since evolved into a global phenomenon, with international retailers jumping on the bargain bandwagon. The term “Black Friday” has become synonymous with savings, as it’s a day where retailers offer some of their biggest discounts for the entire year.

Over the past decade, Australian brands and stores, like Myer, Kmart and Target, have begun to embrace the tradition, offering discounts that rival their Boxing Day sale prices. These deals aren’t just limited to physical stores. You’ll find plenty of huge savings on offer from online retailers like Amazon, eBay, and Catch during Black Friday.

If you’re looking to sort out your Christmas shopping, or just want to pick up a fantastic deal, this is the day for you.

When is Black Friday?

Officially, Black Friday is meant to kick off on the last Friday of November – which is the 27th this year. However, some retailers have played fast and loose with the kick-off dates for Black Friday. Some will start offering early-bird deals before Friday, or keep their deals going throughout the weekend (and possibly beyond).

For Australia, the time difference between us and the United States also plays a factor. While we’ll get some local deals during Black Friday, there’ll also be deals from US retailers that start up on Saturday.

When Black Friday 2020 does end, that doesn’t mean that the bargains are over. We still have Cyber Monday, which is a similar sale event with a higher focus on deals through online retailers. It’ll be taking place on the Monday right after Black Friday, November 30.

Over time, the line differentiating Black Friday from Cyber Monday has blurred, and consider that importance of social distancing, it’s not hard to imagine that majority of deals this year will be based online. Don’t be surprised if there are deals exclusive to Cyber Monday only too.

What Black Friday deals can we expect?

While we can’t give you exact list of every deal, based on previous years, we can give you solid suggestion of which stores you should an eye on. As a rule of thumb, if a retailer has an online store, there’s a very high chance they’ll be running Black Friday sales in some format.

If you’re after the biggest and best deals possible, there are a few online retailers you should be keeping your eyes on. It also doesn’t hurt to bookmark these beforehand, so you can jump straight into the deals when the clock finally ticks over.

Here are few Black Friday deals that are currently available, or have been announced ahead of the event:

Quicklens Black Friday deals: 15% off on orders over $120.

Emma Mattresses Black Friday deals: 25% off everything.

Nespresso Black Friday deals:

Sonos Black Friday Deals

Amazon Device Black Friday Deals

Catch Black Friday deals:

Kogan Black Friday deals:

Dell Black Friday deals

Microsoft Black Friday deals

Arcade1UP Black Friday deals:

Harvey Norman Black Friday deals

Harvey Norman’s Black Friday sale includes whopping savings on the latest tech like new 4K and 8K TVs and the latest mobile phones, as well as laptops, desktops and tablets.

You can check out all the deals from Harvey Norman here.

Amazon Black Friday deals

It probably won’t come as a surprise that online retail giant at Amazon will be offering a huge amount of deals during Black Friday. They might not be as good as their Prime Day sale, but you’re bound to find some great bargains on thousands of products. You can check out some of Amazon’s tech deals here.

And like we said, with the time difference between Australia and the US, you might be able to snag a nice deal on the Saturday after Black Friday.

eBay Black Friday deals

After Amazon, eBay is one of the heavy hitters when it comes to online bargains during Black Friday. Considering that some of last year’s deal included 50% off board games, up to 40% off big-brand TVs, and 60% off bestselling video games, it’s a safe bet that eBay will be making some decent price cuts during Black Friday.

You can check out some of eBay’s tech deals here.