Apple’s New HomePod Mini is Having Wi-Fi Issues

Apple’s New HomePod Mini is Having Wi-Fi Issues

Apple’s HomePod Mini has been available for not even two weeks but it’s already running into technical problems. Many users have reported their HomePod is unable to connect to wi-fi, which is quite a problem for a wireless speaker.

As reported by 9 to 5 Mac, customers have flocked to Apple support threads to report issues with their HomePod minis. All seem to be experiencing a similar issue: when asked a question the HomePod mini responds with “I am having trouble connecting to the internet.”

Users have tried multiple fixes including restarting, resetting and restoring factory settings on their HomePods, but are still experiencing the issue. Some have reported the HomePod working correctly, only to come across the issue again after a day or so. As of yet, there is no fix from Apple.

What Apple Suggests

Apple has some general suggestions for troubleshooting issues with its HomePod devices. Try these first if you’re experiencing this wi-fi problem:

  • Make sure the HomePod is plugged in to power and is turned on. Tap the top of the HomePod. If the volume controls appear then the HomePod is active.
  • Check for alerts in the Home app. If the HomePod is having issues, a notification in the Home app should provide more details.
  • Check your Wi-Fi connection. Wi-Fi issues may occur if the wi-fi password has changed or the HomePod has been moved to a new location. HomePod will automatically connect to the same network as your iOS device. If it doesn’t you can manually change the Wi-Fi network in the home app on your iOS device. Go to Home app > press and hold HomePod > settings > Move HomePod to [select wi-fi network].
  • Restart the HomePod. Open the Home app. Tap and hold HomePod > Settings > Reset HomePod > Restart HomePod.
  • Remove HomePod from the Home app. Reset the HomePod by removing it from the Home app and setting it up again. Open the Home app on a device with the same Apple ID that was used to set up the HomePod. Press and hold HomePod > Settings > Remove Accessory. Go through the setup process.
  • Try a manual reset. To manually reset the HomePod, unplug it and then plug it back in. Then press and hold the top of the HomePod. The white spinning light should turn red. Keep holding until three beeps are heard.

Many users have gone through these steps and are still experiencing the same wi-fi connectivity issue. Others have tried to reset their internet routers, which Apple support has suggested may be a part of the problem. But considering this is such a widespread issue, it’s more likely Apple will need to instigate a software update on its end.

Hopefully, it won’t take too long to find a fix for this problem. Seeing as it’s a software issue, Apple should own the problem and come out with a patch. But for those considering buying a HomePod Mini, it might be worth considering Apple Care as well.