Apple TV App Comes to PS4 and Newly Released PS5 — If You Can Get One

Apple TV App Comes to PS4 and Newly Released PS5 — If You Can Get One
Photo: Sam Rutherford/Gizmodo

The Apple TV app that allows users to access Apple originals through TV+ arrived in the PlayStation Store just ahead of the launch of Sony’s next-generation PS5 console, which hit stores today.

Apple TV is now available for both its older PS4 model as well the newest box, as Sony announced back in October. Disney+, Netflix, Amazon and Prime Video were among the other streaming services announced to be arriving on the PS5 at launch, making the console a pretty good option for cordcutters who want their devices to double as their streaming hubs.

It’s a pretty big deal that PS4, PS5, and the Xbox Series X and S models support Apple TV at launch. Apple has been notoriously precious about support for its streaming app on devices outside of Apple’s own ecosystem, though it’s slowly been adding support for more devices (like very, very slowly). With most major streaming apps available across platforms, however — save a few missing here and there — Apple has made the wise decision to make its app available on two of the biggest devices to launch in years. People are about to be spending a lot of time with their shiny new consoles, and it would have been extremely foolish for Apple to ignore the potential to at least attempt to access subscribers through those channels.

But, of course, you’ll actually need a PS5 to access the app (unless you’ve already got a PS4 on hand), and attempting that today has, as expected, been an utter shitshow. Walmart’s website appears to be experiencing issues, online retailers are selling out in a flash, and in-person purchases have been mercifully barred to prevent people from lining up or camping out because of the whole deadly pandemic thing.

So the good news is you’ll have access to a useful and fairly cheap streaming app that’s notably missing from many streaming devices when you do get a PS5. But good luck finding one.