Apple M1 Mac Users Are Having Trouble Connecting To Their Bluetooth Devices

Apple M1 Mac Users Are Having Trouble Connecting To Their Bluetooth Devices

Apple’s brand new M1 Macs are now available for purchase, but some users are reporting issues with Bluetooth connectivity. This includes connection to wireless  third party and Apple devices.

The problem seems to be impacting all three M1 machines – the new Mac Mini, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Users have taken to Reddit as well as the Mac Rumors forums to cite the issues.

Users are reporting connectivity issues such as drop outs with mice and keyboards as well as Apple’s own Magic Mouse, Magic Keyboard and Airpods.

It seems that the Bluetooth connectivity problems seem to having something to do with the M1 devices as opposed to the latest MacOS Big Sur roll out.

“I have three M1 computers, two Mini’s and a pro. All three have the issue with a new apple bluetooth keyboard and mouse. The mouse and keyboard worked for months for me on my old macbook pro and I even had the big sur beta software with no issues,” said one user on Reddit.

“I did everything I could to fix the issue, there is a bug with the new processor for sure. I’ll wait till they figure it out.”

“I have the same issues with my Mac mini M1 but I’m also having issues with apple AirPods,” another user said.

“I’m on a lot of zoom and evercast sessions and I’m getting random disconnects as well as weird issues with volume. I’ve had the earbuds suddenly jump in volume on a call and the other participants were not happy with me…”

Another user reported frequent AirPod dropouts as well as random volume spikes while paired to the M1 Mac Mini.

But the issues don’t seem consistent. Some M1 customers reported zero issues with mice and keyboards, but drop outs with their AirPods.  \

Another said that using a unifying receiver seems to work as a temporary fix.

Apple is yet to comment on this issues so its unclear when a fix will be implemented.

Disclosure: the author owns shares in Apple.