A New Predator Movie Is in the Works

A New Predator Movie Is in the Works
A still from 2010's Predators, the third film in the franchise. (Photo: Fox)

Apparently the Predator franchise doesn’t bleed because you just can’t kill it. Despite a disappointing fourth entry in 2018, 20th Century Studios is looking to bring the sci-fi action franchise back to life with a mysterious fifth instalment.

Deadline reports that Dan Trachtenberg is in talks to helm a fifth Predator with a script by Patrick Aison. Trachtenberg is best known for helming 10 Cloverfield Lane, but also directed the pilot of Amazon’s The Boys and the VR episode of Black Mirror, “Playtest.” Aison is a writer-producer with credits on Wayward Pines, Jack Ryan, and Treadstone.

There are no details on what approach this entry is taking with the franchise but Deadline says it’s unlikely to continue the story of the 2018 film, which ended with humanity acquiring the same technology as the Predators. That’s kind of a shame because that was a wild ending, but we understand. That movie sucked.

Though most people would agree the original 1987 Predator is probably the only “good” film in the bunch, all the subsequent sequels, both the direct ones and Aliens vs. Predator movies, are proof positive just how incredibly malleable the franchise is. You can take that unmistakable, unstoppable killer alien and put it in basically any story and it’s instantly better. Will a fifth entry inject new life into the Predator series? Here’s hoping Trachtenberg and Aison have the answer.