You Won’t Have to Upgrade Mophie’s New Battery Pack When You Change Phones

You Won’t Have to Upgrade Mophie’s New Battery Pack When You Change Phones

It doesn’t matter what mobile device you use, battery life is always limited and always a struggle. Mophie’s Juice Packs, which strap an additional battery to the back of your smartphone using a form-fitting case, dramatically expand battery life, but have also always been device-specific. Its new Juice Pack Connect, however, can work with any mobile device that supports wireless charging.

If you’re the type who upgrades your smartphone every release cycle, Mophie’s Juice Packs have always been a tough sell, because any minor changes in the size or shape of your new device means you can no longer use it and will have to upgrade to a new case as well. With the Juice Pack Connect, instead of a form-fitting case, the external battery attaches to a flat clip that’s either adhered directly to the back of a smartphone, or a protective case if you’re anxious about sticking anything directly to your device.

Like recent additions to the Mophie Juice Pack line, the new Juice Pack Connect charges a device wirelessly through the induction coil on the back, instead of connecting to and occupying a port on the bottom — be it USB-C, microUSB, or Lightning. Ensuring the wireless charging coils are properly aligned with a form-fitting case you pop on your device is easy, but for the Juice Pack Connect, it’s a little more challenging. To ensure the clip is attached to the back of a smartphone in the right place, Mophie includes a special alignment guide so that it can be properly centered and will function correctly.

The Juice Pack Connect doesn’t support Apple’s new MagSafe wireless charging solutions, but it should work just fine with all the new iPhones 12, as well as other smartphones from Samsung and Google. Aesthetically, its smaller footprint means the pack has a bit more bulge to accommodate its 5,000 mAh battery, but that also means it should fit just fine on the back of smaller devices like the new iPhone 12 Mini.

When attached to a phone, the Juice Pack Connect can itself be charged using a built-in USB port, or it can be removed and plopped onto a Qi-compatible charging pad and topped up that way. The USB port can also be used to charge other devices, even when it’s clipped onto a phone. Sharing is caring. It’s available now for $US80 ($112), which is definitely on the expensive side for a 5,000 mAh external battery, but at least when you jump ship to the iPhone 13 next October, at most you’ll have to buy a new sticker to attach the Juice Pack Connect to your latest and greatest.