What Are You Thinking About as You Fall to Earth?

What Are You Thinking About as You Fall to Earth?
Michael Burnham realising that it's only Monday. (Image: CBS All Access)

While there aren’t enough particles in the vacuum of space to create a proper medium through which sound can travel, that doesn’t mean that you couldn’t scream into the endless void as you fell through it, tugged by the gravitational pull of the nearest planet. You’re a person, you’re falling, and you’re screaming because that’s natural, but the screaming won’t really help.

This is the premise we’ve been mulling over as part of our latest Concept Art Writing Prompt, our challenge to you to take a concept and turn it into something visually fascinating. Between shows like Star Trek: Discovery and films like Captain Marvel, falling from lower orbit down onto the surface of a planet is having a moment. Panic’s obviously the overwhelming thing one would feel as they came very close to actually crashing into a planet from the sky, but we’re curious about what sorts of things you think might go through your mind in the few minutes you had as you entered Earth’s (or whatever planet, truly) atmosphere and realised “Oh, shit. I should probably do something about this whole falling situation.”

Concept artists, want your work featured on Gizmodo for a concept art writing prompt? Email us at [email protected], with the subject line “Concept art writing prompt.”

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