This Featurette Digs Deep Into Hulu’s Marvel Series Helstrom

This Featurette Digs Deep Into Hulu’s Marvel Series Helstrom
From Helstrom. (Image: Hulu)

An unexpected boon, Helstrom is a standalone Marvel series from Hulu. If you’re curious about how it was made, this featurette has the answers.

Building on the Helstrom comics, this is a horror adventure following two siblings marked by darkness and trying to protect others from a similar fate. In this new featurette, Hulu talks to the stars and creators behind the show for insight into how it came to be. Oh, and there are demons.

What’s interesting here is seeing the people behind the show exploring the way it plays with but doesn’t quite adhere to superhero genre tropes, trying to blend those ideas with something darker and more horror-focused. There’s clearly a lot of attention being paid behind the scenes to creating atmospheric, emotive drama that blends into the super stuff instead of feeling stilted by it. It’s good to see, whether it works out to your taste or not.

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Helstrom is streaming on Hulu right now. Australians will need the use of VPN to access the service.