The Meg 2 Is Coming to Shark Up the Silver Screen With a New Director

The Meg 2 Is Coming to Shark Up the Silver Screen With a New Director
Shark eat shark eat dude world. (Image: Warner Bros. )

The Meg, an action vehicle for both Jason Statham and prehistoric sharks, is getting a sequel. But someone else will be stepping up to the director’s chair.

The original film, which was stunningly successful to the tune of $US530.3 ($745) million globally, starred Jason Statham, Li Bingbing, Rainn Wilson, and Ruby Rose versus a giant megalodon, a prehistoric shark discovered and opposed by Statham’s shark expert main character. That film was directed by Jon Turteltaub of the National Treasure franchise.

As reported by the Hollywood Reporter, Turteltaub won’t be returning for The Meg 2, but a lot of talent from the first film are, including Statham and the film’s writers. Ben Wheatley will be the sequel’s director. Wheatley, who recently released a version of Rebecca on Netflix, is also known for his work on High Rise and Free Fire.

Not much else is known about the sequel at this time, but it seems like Warner Bros. is more than eager to repeat the success of the original, which was shockingly successful for what, on the surface, looks a bit like just another Jason Statham action vehicle. My suggestion for the sequel: two megalodons. Imagine the drama! The romance! The fins!