The Doctor’s Locked Up in Our First Look at Doctor Who’s Holiday Special

The Doctor’s Locked Up in Our First Look at Doctor Who’s Holiday Special
What does a life sentence mean to a Timeless Child? (Image: BBC)
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The last season of Doctor Who ended, after some game-changing revelations about the very idea of who our hero is, on a bit of a weird cliffhanger. Cut off from her friends, the Doctor found herself trapped in a strange, alien prison. Which is naturally the perfect time for her most ancient foes to rise once again.

Just revealed at New York Comic-Con, the BBC has given our first glimpses at Doctor Who’s return to our screens this holiday season — whether it’ll be on the traditional Christmas Day slot or, as it was last year, on New Year’s Day, has yet to be confirmed. “Revolution of the Daleks” will see the Doctor attempt to escape from a prison that’s purportedly impossible to leave, while her companions Yaz, Ryan, and Graham try to adapt to life without her back on Earth.

Image: BBC Image: BBC

Life with the Doctor never really goes away, however, as the trio are painfully reminded when they find themselves with a likewise impossible task: how do you stop the revolution of the Daleks without their most feared enemy at your side?

Doctor Who returns to BBC and ABC sometime later this year.