The Daleks Go to War in Our First Look at Their New Animated Web Series

The Daleks Go to War in Our First Look at Their New Animated Web Series
Image: BBC

I mean, what else did you expect them to do, relaxation tapes?

During today’s panel about the transmedia Doctor Who event panel for Time Lord Victorius, the BBC gave us a sneak peak at Daleks!, a five part animated series about the Daleks’ role in the fight between the Doctors and a strange new threat to the entire universe. Starring Nicholas Briggs reprising his role as, well, all the Daleks, Daleks! will also star some other android character alongside the legions of killer pepperpots.

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Joe Suggs will play Sentinel R-41, a “sassy” android that appears in the series, while Ayesha Antoine will play a familiar Doctor Who robot: 2150, a Mechonoid and one of the Dalek’s oldest enemies, first appearing in 1965’s “The Chase”.

“[Daleks!]is basically about the Daleks making a terrible error, and on the run,” writer James Goss said of the series’ relationship with the wider Time Lord Victorious storyline, with the series opening as the Daleks discover the threat to time the Eighth, Ninth, and Tenth Doctors are confront.

Daleks! begins its exterminatory shenanigans this November, with episodes airing weekly on the BBC Doctor Who Youtube channel — before they return to our screens later this year as part of Doctor Who’s new festive special, “Revolution of the Daleks”.