Sorry Marvel, Sonic the Hedgehog is the Highest Grossing Superhero Movie of 2020

Sorry Marvel, Sonic the Hedgehog is the Highest Grossing Superhero Movie of 2020
Image: Paramount Pictures

Sonic the Hedgehog has beaten the odds to become 2020’s highest-grossing superhero film. His position on the box office charts ends a 10-year winning streak for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which had its entire 2020 film slate wiped due to the ongoing impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. With a worldwide gross of $US306,766,470 ($434,929), Sonic the Hedgehog chased off strong competition from Birds of Prey and Bloodshot to claim the top prize.

Australia loves a good underdog story, and the tale of Sonic the Hedgehog fits the bill perfectly.

Like Steven Bradbury before him, Sonic has raced from the very back of the superhero queue to claim first place. Nobody expected Sonic to perform as well as it has, but multiple showings in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and a surprising likeability has led to the film’s ongoing success. (You can even still catch it in Australian cinemas if you’re keen.)

As poor footwork toppled Steven Bradbury’s adversaries in the 2002 Winter Olympics, so too did coronavirus lay claim to every obstacle standing in Sonic’s way.

Black Widow, Morbius and Venom 2 were Sonic‘s biggest rivals in 2020, and as each film was delayed into 2021, Sonic‘s future began to look brighter.

The only competitor left standing in the film’s way is Wonder Woman 1984, a film currently scheduled for a December 26 release in Australia. Given it’s likely to be pushed back again (and that it only has five days to make up for Sonic‘s long-term cinema run) it’s currently unlikely to dethrone the king.

sonic the hedgehog box office performance
The streak is over.

After a decade of dominance from Marvel Studios, Sonic the Hedgehog has finally toppled the movie-making giant. While Sonic’s box office return is marginally lower than the blockbusting Avengers: Endgame, it’s still an impressive showing for a film that looked set for failure from the get-go.

You know what? Sonic deserves it. It’s a fun film! Sure, it’s not exactly the most highbrow drama, but Sonic is supremely entertaining and features one of Jim Carrey’s best performances to date. (Seriously, it’s wild.)

2020 is a strange place, but Sonic the Hedgehog winning the box office crown just feels right. We’re currently reliving the dada period, and it’s time to embrace the weirdness.