Reebok’s New Ghostbusters Sneakers Look Like They have Already Been Through a Few Ghost Battles

Reebok’s New Ghostbusters Sneakers Look Like They have Already Been Through a Few Ghost Battles
Image: Reebok

Proving you don’t need a notable anniversary of the original film to release new Ghostbusters merchandise, Reebok’s new Ghost Smashers sneakers look like something straight out of Egon’s lab with what appears to be proton pack hardware strapped to the back, and a pre-worn finish because ghostbusting isn’t pretty.

Officially available starting at midnight on October 31, naturally, the $US150 ($211) kicks are based on the Reebok Alien Stomper’s mid-top silhouette and use a pair of velcro straps in lieu of laces to secure them to your feet. The subdued colorway is accented with the Reebok logo hastily crossed out with a black marker and the Ghostbusters logo prominently displayed on the tongue, which also features exposed foam to further drive home the idea that these shoes were hastily created by a team of scientists who prioritise function over form.

The Ghost Smashers are also upgraded with hardware inspired by the Ghostbusters’ proton packs and Ecto-1. A bright green tank on the back is attached to the shoes by a pair of grey arms, while blue, red, and green rubber hoses serve as conduits for ectoplasm with some added imagination. Despite the green canister being labelled with Reebok’s iconic “pump” logo, the shoes don’t appear to feature an actual pumping mechanism or an air bladder inside. In fact, the canister, arms, and hoses can all be removed, making the shoes easier to actually wear.

However, despite receiving backlash for releasing the Reebok Alien Stomper sneakers, originally worn by a woman in the film, in mens’s sizes only, the company has taken the same approach with its new Ghost Smashers. The original Ghostbusters characters were all men, but the film has a huge fan base, and there’s no reason to limit the availability of these like this.

Image: ReebokImage: Reebok

If you’re looking for a subtler way to wear your fandom, Reebok will also be releasing these $US100 ($140) Ghostbusters Classic Leather Shoes at midnight on Halloween. Featuring a beige, black, and blaze yellow colorway, they’re inspired by the jumpsuits worn by the Ghostbusters in the film, and include the Reebok logo reimagined as a matching name tag, and the iconic “no ghosts” logo on the tongue. They also appear to be a unisex alternative to the Ghost Smashers, although specific sizing availability won’t be revealed until they actually go on sale later this month.