Reality Has Righted Itself Just in Time for WandaVision Funko Pops

Reality Has Righted Itself Just in Time for WandaVision Funko Pops
Hello, Vision residence! (Image: Funko)

Yes, Wanda Maximoff’s chaos magics might be hurtling her into a strange world for WandaVision. But would our own world be right if there weren’t tie-in Funko Pops for the show?

WandaVision is just a few months off from hitting Disney+, so the corporate stars are now aligned to get people excited with toys and merchandise to go with it. Funko, ever dutiful purveyor of large-headed tie-ins, has kicked off the Scarlet Witch and Vision toy train with a new series of Pop vinyls based on the show’s various TV-era twists on Wanda and Vision.

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First up is a pair of ‘50s style takes on the Vision residence’s couple, with Wanda magically floating a teeny lobster in one hand, while the human-appearing version of Vision prepares for a day at work with his briefcase and nerdy glasses (there’s also a chase version of Vision that replaces his Paul Bettany human face with an equally Paul Bettany-ish but much more shiny synthezoid form).

There are also two more colourful bobbleheads based on the “‘70s” versions of the duo, including a very pregnant Wanda, and, bless the lords above us, a very sassily posed Vision wearing a sweater. It’s exclusive to Gamestop, alas, but we are willing to go anywhere for Vision wearing high-quality knitwear.

But the two best pops in the WandaVision line might just be the silliest: “Halloween” versions of the characters which are actually just cheap costume sendups of their iconic comics looks, as briefly glimpsed in the trailer for the show. Vision’s slightly-off-angle soul stone and yellow gym shorts are hilarious, but honestly? Costume Pop Wanda looks fab, with or without her jack-o’-lantern candy holder.

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The WandaVision Funko Pops are set to release in early January 2021, while the show itself begins on Disney+ later this year.