Optus NBN Just Got Faster

Optus NBN Just Got Faster
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Optus has announced its average evening speeds on NBN 100 plans has increased, going from 80Mbps up to 90Mbps.

Telstra and Optus raise their speed

This news comes just a week after Telstra boldly guaranteed typical evening speeds of 100Mbps on its own NBN 100 plans. It also guaranteed 50Mbps on NBN 50 and 25Mbps on NBN 25. This basically means that Big T is saying its customers will get the speeds advertised in the name of its plans.

Optus’ new NBN 100 speeds makes it the second fastest telco with NBN 100 plans on the market, at least from major ISPs. Optus shares the second spot with Superloop and Aussie Broadband trails a hair behind both of them at 89Mbps.

And if you prefer a visual, here’s what all of the fastest NBN 100 plans look like in Australia right now:

And this is what Optus currently has on offer:

The cheapest plan on offer is the $89/month Lite option, which is usually $99/month. In fact, both Both Entertainer plans have a $10 per month discount for your first year with Optus

Here’s some other things worth flagging:

  • The $95 per month Everyday plan is Optus’ standard NBN 100 option
  • The $99 per month Entertainer Lite plan includes a Fetch Mini
  • The $110 Entertainer plan includes a Fetch Mighty and one channel pack

All of these Optus plans are contract-free, but you do need to pay a modem fee if you leave early. And in this case ‘early’ is anything before 36-months is up. What you have to pay out is the equivalent to $7 per month multiplied by the number of months left in the term.