New Steven Universe PSA States the Obvious: Racism Is for Losers

New Steven Universe PSA States the Obvious: Racism Is for Losers
Garnet shaming a child actor. (Gif: Cartoon Network)

While Steven Universe’s epic story has come to a close, the Crystal Gems aren’t quite finished with the world just yet.

In a new Steven Universe-themed public service announcement from series creator Rebecca Sugar and former co-executive producer Ian Jones-Quartey, Garnet of the Crystal Gems drops into an in-universe PSA tackling the subject of racism and how it hurts people. Diversity and inclusion were always core elements of Steven Universe’s story, but few moments in the series compare to Garnet wagging her finger at a child and explicitly telling them not to be a racist.

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In a moment somewhat reminiscent of Sunstone’s appearance in Steven Universe Future’s “A Very Special Episode,” Garnet steps out of the character she’s playing in the short’s PSA in order to speak frankly with her fellow actors about how denying the existence of racism is almost as harmful as racism itself. Simple and matter-of-fact as an idea as that may seem to some, the reality is that many people, particularly those who aren’t people of colour, only learn this much later in life than they should (if they do at all), which is a big part of why discrimination is so prevalent in our society.

It’s refreshing to hear these things spelled out plainly by a character who quite literally embodies what it means to love other people because of their differences, and in the coming months, there are set to be even more PSAs featuring Steven Universe’s heroes tackling a variety of other issues.

Steven Universe is now streaming on Stan.