James McAvoy Adds ‘Detective’ To His Resume As He Joins Unscripted Mystery Movie

James McAvoy Adds ‘Detective’ To His Resume As He Joins Unscripted Mystery Movie
Image: 20th Century Fox
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James McAvoy is taking on the role of a lifetime in a brand new mystery movie where he won’t get a script or directions. Instead, he’ll need to react to the film’s happenings in real time and work out the plot like a real detective. I don’t know James McAvoy, but I think he’s in a bit of a pickle here.

He’ll be joined by Claire Foy in My Son (which is actually an adaptation of a 2017 film from France, which James McAvoy should definitely watch) but he’ll be the only cast member without a script or dialogue. Instead, he’ll be paired with a variety of actors and have to make everything up as he goes along.

All he’ll know is the basic skeleton of the film: he plays a father who teams up with his ex-wife to save his missing son.

According to My Son’s production company, “James will be doing the detective work of the film in real time, on camera, to create real tension for this thriller.” Again, a reminder: James McAvoy is an actor, not a detective.

Blink twice if you need help, James.

While the experimental nature of the film is likely to create a lot of interest, it could very well be a disaster, too. McAvoy will have to solve the mystery behind the film in real time and improvise as he goes along. As good an actor as McAvoy is, even hard-boiled detectives with decades of experience would struggle under so much pressure.

While the film is designed to capture the inner workings of the human mind, it’s also likely to capture a McAvoy-shaped breakdown on camera.

It’s hard not to pity Mr. McAvoy.

Currently, I’m imagining him weeping on the floor while the rest of his castmates laugh in the background. “I gave you all the clues, James!” the director is shouting from another room. James McAvoy weeps, for he does not know the answer. It’s unclear how much help he’ll have in the role, but it sounds very much like he’ll be on his own, scriptless and clueless. It’s a recipe for disaster — or a very good film. At this stage, it’s anyone’s game.

However the film turns out, McAvoy will have to rely solely on his wits to survive. Perhaps he can use his psychic powers, as well. Either way, we’re sure to be in for a wild ride when My Son eventually hits our shores.