In the Gritty New Archenemy Trailer, Joe Manganiello Just Might Be a Superhero

In the Gritty New Archenemy Trailer, Joe Manganiello Just Might Be a Superhero
A crop of the poster for Archenemy, starring Joe Manganiello. (Image: RLJE Films)

Joe Manganiello looks like a superhero. That’s just a fact. From Justice League, where he played one, to Spider-Man, where he fought one, and Magic Mike and beyond, the actor has the stature, physique, and charisma of a real life comic book character. Except he’s not. He’s human. And that dichotomy is taken to the next level in his new film, Archenemy.

Written and directed by Adam Egypt Mortimer (Daniel Isn’t Real), Archenemy stars Manganiello as a man named Max Fist. Max is a homeless drunk who is always ranting about how, in another universe, he was an incredible superhero. Here on Earth though, he doesn’t have those powers. Everything thinks he’s crazy, except for one man. And the two will team up to try and save their city. Here’s the brand new trailer.

Yes, that’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s Glenn Howerton as the bad guy. Perfect casting, amazing wig.

The question you probably have after watching the trailer, and we do too, is “Is Max actually a superhero?” We know he believes he is, and it certainly looks like he eventually dresses as one. The point of the movie, though, probably ends up being more along the lines of “there’s a hero in all of us” as opposed to “Max is actually a hero from another world.” Though, I’d also suspect, that revelation may come at some point.

Either way, the premise and trailer certainly has me curious to see if those predications play out or not. And we’ll have that chance when Archenemy hits on demand December 12.