Give Jessica Henwick a John Wick Movie, Please and Thank You

Give Jessica Henwick a John Wick Movie, Please and Thank You
Just...this. That's it, that's the movie. (Image: Netflix)

This would be karmic justice after we never got to see Colleen Wing be the true Iron Fist in the Marvel/Netflix show. Plus, as she herself admits, the name is already right there.

Speaking recently to the Hollywood Reporter about her time on the set of The Matrix 4, Henwick revealed that in between takes she’s been peppering Hollywood’s nicest man, Keanu Reeves, about the chance of her appearing in a future John Wick title. But Henwick is thinking big, beyond just showing up for a role alongside Reeves’ kickass hitman on the run. Henwick wants her own movie: Jess Wick.

See? Told you she had the perfect name for it.

“I was like, ‘OK, Keanu, listen to me. Boom. John Wick 4, last five minutes, credits roll, post-credit sequence. Boom! You see my face, Jess Wick,’” Henwick told THR. “I just started acting it out and then he started acting it out, too. We put on this little ten-minute show of what Jess Wick and John Wick would be like. Chad Stahelski, the director of all the John Wick movies, is flying out in two weeks, I think. So I’m going to go straight up to him and I’m going to say it.”

Given that the John Wick universe is expanding through spinoffs, more movies, and comics, it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility to see another female-centric take on Stahleski’s action-packed franchise on top of the one we’re getting. Just, maybe give her a glowing fist too so we can dream for just a second that — while we wait for Shang-Chi to bring Marvel martial-artistry to the big screen — we got the Colleen Wing action-adventure we deserved.