The Golden God Who Created the Bunnings Jingle Has Been Found

The Golden God Who Created the Bunnings Jingle Has Been Found
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Ah, Bunnings. A warehouse paradise where you walk in for one thing and emerge with 2kg of potting mix, a window herb garden and some duct tape you’ll inevitably lose. While the noble Bunnings sausage is perhaps the most recognisable icon of this shrine to DIY, the Bunnings Jingle is also a staple earworm that permeates our lives. And the man responsible has just been found.

On Wednesday night Gruen unveiled the man behind the tune, Trevor Hilton. 25 years ago he plucked the the notes from heaven itself to craft the tune that Aussies can’t hear without being morally obliged to utter  ‘lowest prices guaranteed’ in response.

In the segment Hilton describes how he created the absolute commercial banger in 1995 on the very keyboard he’s sitting behind on the tellie. He’s even able to produce the OG floppy disc he recorded it on and demonstrated the organ sample he used for the siren song.

He followed this up with a demonstration of the jingle. I think this demands a techno remix and I truly hope that  Mashd N Kutcher, the duo behind both Dan Andrews ‘Get on the Beers’ remixes rectify this right away.

Hilton apparently still gets royalties for the song. Yes, get that bread (and sausage), mate.

You can watch the entire clip right here:

But this is not the first hint at the identity of the famous Bunnings jingle.

Two years ago Redditor Galah1 claimed that he just found out his dad created the song. “Today i found out my dad made the bunnings warehouse theme song,” the post read.

They then linked to a Sound Cloud, offering it as alleged proof of the origin.

Either way, we’re pleased this hero of the people has ben identified.