7 iPhone Tricks You’re Probably Not Using

7 iPhone Tricks You’re Probably Not Using
Bagus Hernawan via Unsplash

People tend to love iPhones because of how familiar and easy to use they are. But we’re willing to bet that there’s a few things you don’t even know they can do. We’ve got you covered with a list of some of the best hidden tricks to help take your device to the next level.

iPhone invisible folders

Are you overwhelmed with an abundance of apps that you just can’t bring yourself to delete? Are you yearning for a more clear and concise home screen?  Well, for those who like a bit of mystery in their life…and their phone, this hack is for you.

To do this hack all you’ll need to do is change the background of your phone to a colour that matches your folder. Then use the Shortcuts app to make your folder a blank icon to match the same colour. Remove the title of your folder and there you have it! An invisible folder you can store any apps within.

Disappearing/reappearing messages


Have you ever typed out a message to someone then had second thoughts about sending it? Then you need to know this quick and easy trick that’ll not only remove the message, but could also bring it back if your second thoughts become third ones.

After typing out the message shake you phone and a notification will pop up allowing you to Undo and the message will disappear. If you’re indecisive like me and change your mind, simply shake the phone again and you’ll Redo the message.

Lock your apps


Some people like a bit of privacy on their apps but don’t want to log out of them after every use. If you’re someone who wants to take their security settings a step further, but with less hassle, you can do that.

Go into your Settings then Screentime. Click on App Limits, then on the app you want to lock, and change the limit of time to 1 minute. If anyone tries to enter the app after you’ve done so, they’ll be met with nothing but a blank screen informing them they have reached their limit.

Lock your iPhone home screen

This trick great for security reasons or even just for a great prank. For anyone that usually scrolls through pages upon pages of their home screen, this trick will allow you to lock you home screen onto the one page.

Simply, scroll over to your Widgets page and down until you see the Edit button. Tap the edit button and the Microphone button at the top, simultaneously. It may take a couple of tries but it’ll then lock any use to the first home page. To remove the hack, you just need to click the dot at the bottom of the page, back to the widgets page and Swipe Up.

Flashing light notifications


It can be a little annoying to hear your phone constantly buzzing with new notifications every five minutes. Sometimes we just need a little break from the endless noise, so if you’re tired of the insisting dinging, this hack is the perfect silencer.

Head into your phone Settings then General. Go into your Accessibility options and down into your Audio/Visual. Tap LED Flash for Alerts and turn it on while turning on your Flash on Silent. You’ll have no more noises, but will still be alerted to your notifications with some light visuals.

Rearrange apps easier

We’ve all been there. You get bitten by the organisational bug and you just want to give your home screen a bit of a refresh. Then you realise your mistake once you sift through the sea of apps you have accumulated. Well, this trick will help you to get the job done much faster.

Just long press one of app and then click through the others you want to join in the upheaval and they’ll all group together. The most simple and efficient way for your organisational self to kick in and get the job done.

Hide your past locations


Most people aren’t too comfortable having their recent locations noted, but often don’t realise they are.

First, go into your Settings app and then into Privacy. After which, click your Location Services, then  scroll all the way down to your System Services, and lastly into your Significant Locations. You’ll then find a list detailing all your most recently travelled locations. Here, you can easily clear the history and then turn it off.

There’s nothing better than utilising your iPhone’s full potential in order to get the best security there is. And on the eve of the new iPhone 12 release, we here at Gizmodo will have your back on any and all the tricks and hacks you need!