The Best Aussie Memes And Jokes From The 2020 Budget

The Best Aussie Memes And Jokes From The 2020 Budget
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The 2020 Budget delivered for women in STEM, high tech space projects, young people looking for apprenticeships and everyone who catches the train between Hornsby and Wyong. For everyone else it was a bit of a bust, with tax cuts offered only for big earners, and essential issues like social housing not getting much of a look-in. With so many areas of the economy left unaddressed, there was always bound to be some losers in the latest Budget. Luckily, many of those losers love memes as much as we do here at Gizmodo Australia — so to mask the pain, we’re bringing you the best Aussie memes from the 2020 Budget.

The memes on Twitter came in hot, with the always fabulous Chaser coming out with this Budget-shattering zinger:

The Betoota Advocate was also quick in with a sledge, calling the auspicious timing of the next generation of consoles into question:

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WASTE TIME, WASTE MONEY: Tech giants Sony and Microsoft have welcomed the planned tax cuts laid out in tonight’s budget, telling The Advocate that they’re coming just in time for Christmas. And the release of their new consoles. The Playstation 5 and the Xbox Series X are two of the most hotly anticipated tech releases of the year and both are set to arrive on shelves next month. Both will cost less than the average tax cut windfall experienced by most young professional workers and tradies in their target market. In response to Sony and Microsoft, the Morrison Government has been forced to quash speculation that they’re in cahoots with the gaming powerhouses, telling our reporters that not every taxpayer will use their “tax winnings” to buy a gaming console. “Don’t get us wrong, Scotty Morrison, the Bloke in Chief, absolutely loves gaming,” said a PMO spokesperson. “He plays NRL and FIFA. When he played Red Dead, he had the highest honour of any cowboy in the game, ever. That’s just the knockabout good bloke he is,” “But this whole tax relief scheme isn’t about freeing up some moolah to spend on the old idiot box, it’s about giving working Australian families some greater options this Christmas break. Like taking the wife and the kids up the coast! Or some of those inner city types who have nowhere to go might get a bunch of blow and invite some cheeky Irish blokes over for some cans and banter. It’s honestly up to the tax payer, we here in Camp ScoMo just want people to get out and have fun! And spend the money!” The Advocate reached out to Sony and Microsoft for comment but it’s night time in America so nobody has responded as of yet. More to come.

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Meanwhile, The AMWU and Australian Unions rammed home the ineffectiveness of providing “more” apprenticeships (less than the original number) without jobs to back them up:

The lack of support for childcare and university workers was also noted bitterly:

But luckily the Australian Government does have a plan to work their way out of the record deficit, according to The Shovel:

While Josh Frydenberg delivered the bad news, he wasn’t the only one on struggle street according to Gail Suares:

(That’s a big yikes! from us.)

Scott Morrison’s infamous chook house also warranted a mention in the post-Budget meme party:

We’re all waiting for updates on the chickens, Mr. Morrison. It’s guaranteed to be more entertaining than watching this year’s Budget.

To get real for one moment: the future of Australian jobs is looking bleak.

While the Budget attempted to counteract some of the harm caused by coronavirus, an overall deficit and lack of resources was inevitable. Women, young people and low-income earners will face mounting challenges in the years ahead. But sometimes, you just have to look at the world and laugh.

Above all else, always remember… him:

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Everything is fine. Bring on the memes. They’re making 2020 just a little bit more bearable.