Yes Samsung’s 4K Projector is Coming to Australia

Yes Samsung’s 4K Projector is Coming to Australia

This week Samsung unveiled some new home entertainment products just in time IFA 2020. Just because it’s mostly digital doesn’t mean it’s not happening. One of the shiny products is a 4K projector, and it’s coming to Australia.

Samsung’s 4K Projector: The Premier

Samsung’s new 4K projector is called The Premier, and its a short throw laser projector  (meaning it sits right under your screen) that will come in 130-and 120-inch models.

They’ll be named he LSP9T and LSP7T respectively, but I sure won’t be remembering that. The Premier will do just fine for me, mostly because it’s fun to say.

On the sound front, it has a built-in woofer and surround sound.

Release Date and Pricing

“Samsung Australia can confirm the newly released 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector, The Premiere will be available in Australia within the coming months,” Samsung Australia’s Director of AV, Hass Mahdi, said in a statement.

“It’s no secret that Australians want the ultimate in home entertainment and big screen experiences,” he said. “Samsung’s The Premiere offers up to 130 inches of 4K picture quality from an elegantly looking short throw triple laser projector creating a cinematic experience in the home.”

We don’t have a release date for Samsung’s 4K projector in Australia yet. But our bet is it will be in time for summer, and probably even Christmas. There is no word on how much The Premier will cost in Australia or other markets just yet.

It’s also unclear whether we will be getting both models.  You’ll have to keep your eyes peeled on this one.