Xbox Series S Launch Date Confirmed

Xbox Series S Launch Date Confirmed

On Tuesday a massive leak revealed the price of the upcoming Xbox Series S console. This forced Xbox to confirm the price… and now they have unveiled the launch date too.

Xbox Series S Launch Date

Xbox has released a reveal trailer that tells us that the Series S will be launching on November 11, 2020.

Touted as the smallest Xbox ever, the video reveals the Xbox Series S to have a custom NVMe SSD drive, up to to 1440p/120fps support, variable refresh rate support, variable rate shading, DirectX Raytracing and seamless game switching. It’s also a completely digital device.

You can watch the trailer here:

Weirdly, there’s no mention of the flagship Xbox Series X console in the video. But surely it will also be revealed on the same day – it would be quite strange if it wasn’t.

Perhaps Xbox is hoping to keep its big daddy console under wraps until then. Unless some more leaks happen.


As for the price, we now know it will cost $US299. Xbox confirmed this after BWW Media Group’s Brad Sams tweeted leaked promotional images of the console. This included the $US299 price point. The leak also appeared on YouTube.

Xbox made an official price announcement on Twitter later the same day.

We don’t have confirmation on an Australian price yet. But when you take currency conversion and taxes into account, our guess is it will cost around $400 locally.

We still don’t have pricing for the Xbox Series X.

Gizmodo Australia has reached out to Xbox locally to find out if there is any possible way we can find out the actual Australian pricing.