What to Expect from Apple’s’ iPhone 12′ Event

What to Expect from Apple’s’ iPhone 12′ Event
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It may not be happening at the usual time this year, but Apple’s iPhone 12 event is still coming. Like WWDC we’re expecting it to be a pre-recorded live stream that shows off the new iPhone 12 and a slew of other new products. This is what to expect.

iPhone 12

The main event is of course the iPhone 12. There’s been a ton of leaks so far and we have a huge round up right here that we recommend reading.

Here’s a few of the highlights, though.

Rumours are suggesting four devices this year — the 5.4-inch iPhone 12, 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max, 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Max and 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Pro.

The biggest news here is that all four models are said to have 5G connectivity, making them the first iPhones to have the new mobile technology.

In terms of storage the cheaper models are said to have 64GB, 128GB and 256GB options. The more premium models are expected to have 128GB, 256GB or 512GB.

On the design front at least two of the handsets will allegedly have flat, stainless steel edges. This is a change from the former curved design we’ve recently seen.

When it comes to colours navy, orange, violet and light blue have all been floated as potential options.

For the cameras the word on the street is a triple lens camera for the larger iPhone 12 models and a dual rear camera array for the more budget options.

Whispers of 3x optical zoom and a 3D sensor have also been mentioned.

Apple Watch Series 6 and iPad Air 4… maybe

New Apple Watches always launch alongside the latest iPhones, but things may be different this year.

Leaker Jon Prosser is adamant that the Apple Watch Series 6 and the new iPads will be announced earlier in a press release. He said in a tweet that they would be announced in a press release in the second week of September. That’s this week.

He has since followed up by saying an Apple press release is currently scheduled for Tuesday September 8 at 9am EST. That would be 11pm AEST time the same day.

While there is some speculation this could be the new Apple Watch 6 and iPad Air announcement, others believe it could just be the iPhone 12 event announcement.

I guess we’ll find out.

Okay cool but what about that Apple Watch?

Regardless of when the new Apple Watch Series 6 is launched, we know a few things so far.

In terms of design the biggest rumour is no more digital crown. We’re not sure how legit this rumour is, but it’s huge if true. There’s also whispers of new colours and materials, like a plastic version.

On the software front we have been given a sneak peak thanks to WatchOS 7 going into public beta.

So far we’ve seen sleep tracking, upgrades to the workout app (including Dance) and an update to the Noise app.

Hand washing detection has also been added, which I have finally seen working on my Apple Watch. It basically detects when you start washing your hands and offers a count down timer. It also low key shames you if you stop washing too early.

If you’re a fan of force touch — the functionality that let you access a hidden menu after a long press — we have bad news. This is being removed in favour of a related screen.

On the health front its looking like the Apple Watch series 6 will be able to detect your blood oxygen levels. If it drops below a certain threshold you will get a notification.

It’s currently unclear if this feature will come to Australian devices or if like the ECG functionality, we just won’t see it here yet.

Apple Watch SE

It’s also worth noting that the new Apple Watch seems to be getting a budget option this year. Sadly we only know a few things so far.

It’s allegedly coming in an aluminium design only, but will retain the digital crown that is rumoured to be removed from the Apple Watch Series 6. It’s also said to have S6 and W4 chips, 16GB storage and Bluetooth 5.0.

Hopefully we’ll know more soon.

And what about the iPad Air 4?

Yup a new super light iPad Air 4 is rumoured to be launching alongside the iPhone, or at least the Apple Watch 6.

The biggest rumour is a complete redesign from the previous generation. Instead, it is said to have edge-to-edge display to make it more like the iPad Pro.

There’s also talk of it being around 11-inches, having Apple Pencil 2 support, no home button and the inclusion of a liquid retina display.

Air Tags

Apple’s take on the Tile is also said to debuting at the event.

The AirTags are a bluetooth tracking device that have cropped up in iOS codes for a little while now. Apple also accidentally leaked it on YouTube once.

It’s said to run on a replaceable battery and, according to the iOS 14 code, can be enabled ‘in bulk’. We’re presuming this means you can have multiple AirTags activated on your Apple account at any given time.

Apple TV

On the Apple TV front there is talk of not only a new device but also a shiny new Siri remote. The iOS code that has divulged the new Apple TV suggests it may have a chip upgrade as well as better gaming performance.

Bloomberg has also reported that the Siri remote will be compatible with the Find My software, which is good news for anyone who perpetually loses their TV remote.

AirPods Studio

There’s been talk of Apple branded over-ear headphones for awhile now. I guess the Beats brand just wasn’t enough. A few months back rumours suggested they may be called the AirPods studio, which is certainly a choice. We’re not entirely convinced we’ll see these tomorrow, but it could be a wild card thrown into the mix as a treat.

Not much is really known about the AirPods Studio other than high audio quality, a wireless form factor and a big ol’ price tag of $US350. That would most likely put them well over the $500 mark in Australia.

Disclosure: The author owns 12 shares in Apple.